Spring into Organization

Yellow tulips on a sidetable spring out in the foreground of a airy living room scene with a comfy couch and overstuffed yellow pillows.

Spring has sprung!

Something about a new season marks a fresh start. That is especially true with Spring, when nature blooms and the weather gets warmer. The task of spring cleaning can seem a bit overwhelming, but having an organized and clean home will be worth it when you're done! Instead of coming home after work to a cluttered house that reminds you of more work to be done, you could be walking into a clean, relaxing space.

At my house we like to play some music to get us in a good mood and get us through the daunting task of cleaning and getting rid of old items. Hoopla is a great resource that lets you listen to music directly from your devices, or you can go to you local San José Public Library location to browse our CD collections.

De-cluttering and Organization

To make the task of cleaning your home easier, you can start by de-cluttering and saying goodbye to items that are no longer needed. We have plenty of resources to help you through this intimidating task. If it seems like too much to do at once, you can always split it up over a weekend or even a few days a month.

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Please remember, when parting with items you no longer need or use, there are many things you could do with those items: Donate them to various local charities, give them to friends/family who might need them, or even plan a yard sale!


Once you've freed up space and organized your home, it's likely you found some cleaning that needs to be done. While we generally know how to clean our homes, you may come across some materials that you are not sure how to deep clean. Shower doors are a tough one, as well as sink grout, scuff marks on walls, etc. Luckily we have many items that describe how to clean these problem areas, and more.

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Happy spring cleaning!

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