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New Year, New Beginnings

Some say the new year is a time for new beginnings, and if that includes a start-up that you've been daydreaming about, then this new year may be the year to make that dream a reality. But nobody is doubting that a start-up will take a lot of hard work, funding, and planning to be a success, so take some pointers from those who have gone before you with these new additions to our collection.


The Crowdsourceress

Cover Image of The Crowdsourceress60 percent of Kickstarter campaigns fail. In The Crowdsouceress, Alex Daly takes you deep inside some of her most successful campaigns like TLC's newest album, Neil Young's audio player, and Joan Didion's documentary to show you how to get fans and influencers excited; build an appealing campaign; access video tips, pitching tactics, press releases, and rewards ideas, and avoid the most common headaches and pitfalls.

The Ultimate Start-Up Guide

Cover Image of The Ultimate Start-Up GuideThe Ultimate Start-Up Guide offers practical advice, insights, lessons, and best practices from the world of start-ups: strategies for building your team; best way to launch your business; and how venture capitalist investors think.

Launch Your Dream

Cover Image of Launch Your DreamIn Launch Your Dream, Dale Partridge takes readers on 30-day journey that turns their passion into their profession. He teaches how to develop ideas, build an audience, construct an online presence, launch a business, master social media, craft a beautiful brand, and create experiences that keep customers from considering competitors.

The Hockey Stick Principles

Cover Image of The Hockey Stick PrinciplesGreatly increase your chances of success by learning the stages of growth that most successful start-ups go through, what to expect in each, and what you should be focusing on during that time. Entrepreneur and angel investor Bobby Martin has studied the growth patterns of more than 150 start-ups and explains in The Hockey Stick Principles how each of them followed a four-stage growth pattern.

Culture Is Everything

Cover Image of Culture Is EverythingIn Culture Is Everything, discover how Tristan White created his own company to create an inspiring place to work.


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