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Six Titles That Show You Can Have a Creative Career and Thrive too!

For some, choosing a creative career means looking forward to a life of poverty. But these six titles suggest that the idea of the starving artist may be just that, an idea.

Real Artists Don't Starve

Cover Image Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff GoinsIn Real Artists Don't Starve, Jeff Goins argues that despite artists hearing over and over that there's no money in art, they do not need to choose between a creative life and a prosperous one. Goins claims that history's most creative minds, including Michelangelo, Shakespeare, and Steve Jobs, succeeded not because they succumbed to the myth of the starving artist but precisely because they didn't. Drawing lessons from Jim Henson, C. S. Lewis, Dr. Dre, and more, Goins believes that we live in a New Renaissance, where you can share your creative work without suffering or starving.

Perennial Seller

Cover Image of Perennial Seller by Ryan HolidayIn Perennial Seller, Ryan Holiday claims that there are artistic works that are perennial sellers: works that endure and thrive while others fizzle after initial successes. Holiday draws on his extensive experience working with Google, American Apparel, and John Grisham and inspiration from the minds that created some of the greatest perennial sellers of our time: Rick Rubin, Tim Ferris, the creators of Seinfeld, Harper Lee, Winston Churchill, Stefan Zweig, and Lady Gaga to guide readers in creating works that achieve longevity.

The Artist's Compass

Cover Image of The Artist's Compass by Rachel S. MooreIn The Artist's Compass, Rachel S. Moore shares how to make life as a performer more successful. She stresses that show business is still a business, and honing professional skills beyond the stage is not foresaking one's art, but for the sake of one's art. Moore began her career as a dancer in the American Ballet Theatre's corps de ballet and went on to become the CEO of that organization. Currently, she is the head of The Music Center in Los Angeles.

The World's Your Stage

Cover Image of The World's Your Stage by William F. Baker, Warren C. Gibson, and Evan LeatherwoodThe World's Your Stage helps every actor, dancer, or musician who wants to found a performing arts organization, work at one that already exists, be a freelancer, or do some combination of all three to make a living doing what they love. The book uses practical advice from artist-entrepreneurs and the leaders of some of the world's major arts institutions like the Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, and the American Ballet Theatre to guide artists who want to learn to raise money online and off, network, choose a portfolio of projects that balances art and the bottom line, understand and generate business plans and financial statements, market and promote themselves, and more. Additionally, the book provides an overview of the performing arts business in America today and how it operated in the past.

Unlocking Creativity

Cover Image of Unlocking Creativity by Michael BeinhornIn Unlocking Creativity, Michael Beinhorn uses his personal experience working with some of the biggest names in music like Herbie Hancock, the Red hot Chili Peppers, Soul Asylum, Hole, Soundgarden, Ozzy Osbourne, Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson, Social Distortion, Korn, and Mew to reveal how to deal with interpersonal issues that record producers face when they work with artists one-on-one or in small groups. Beinhorn shows how to find what he calls the sensory connection to the creative process, which ultimately helps one find the intent behind creative choices. This method has helped Beinhorn over his 30-year-career find solutions while working as a creative team and open the door to successful collaborative efforts with artists.

Culture and Commerce

Cover Image of Culture and Commerce by Mukti KhaireCulture and Commerce argues that while art and business are often seen as diametric opposites, the two realms are close cousins in creative industries where firms bring cultural goods to market, attaching price tags to music, paintings, theater, literature, film, and fashion. Using theories on value construction and cultural production, the book details the processes by which artistic worth is decoded, translated, and converted to economic value. Further, case studies of Chanel, Penguin, the Sundance Institute, and the Pritzker Prize illuminate how creative entrepreneurs influence our sense of value.


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