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A Maker's Challenge

Starting a business or scaling up can be the hardest challenge that many entrepreneurs like yourself face, but if you're a maker whose business started as a hobby, there is the added challenge of selling enough for the business to thrive while maintaining what you loved about your hobby. Therefore, the best people to seek advice from may be other makers who have been in your shoes. Check out these five titles that show you how to make and thrive!

How to Make It

Cover of How to Make It by Erin Austen AbbottIn How to Make It, 25 creative entrepreneurs share their wisdom and secrets that will help you build your business and your brand. Erin Austen Abbott crisscrossed the country to profile illustrators, jewelry designers, ceramicists, painters, clothing designers, and printmakers and photograph their studios, galleries, and shops to gather their inspiring stories. Profile feature Q & As, days in the life, and dazzling DIY projects—including hand-forged bangle bracelets, woven coasters, and copper leaf notebooks.

In the Company of Women

Cover for In the Company of Women by Grace BonneyIn the Company of Women describes how 100 women embraced their creative spirit, overcame adversity, and sparked a global movement of entrepreneurship. The book features stories of media titans, ceramicists, hoteliers, and tattoo artists.

Dream Catcher

Cover of Dream Catcher by Jennifer JanschIn Dream Catcher, Jennifer Jansch tells the story of her sustainable fashion startup, Bag-all, which she launched on a shoestring budget from her living room. Dreamcatcher is a hybrid how-to business guide and inspirational book that teaches you the tips and tricks behind discovering the right idea for your business, starting on a shoestring budget, creating products without prior knowledge, marketing and selling your brand, and more.

The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Marketing

Cover of The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Marketing by Clare HarrisIn The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Marketing, Clare Harris explains key digital marketing strategies while examining and illustrating their role in fashion. Marketing practices covered include online marketing, social media, video, mobile technologies, in-store technologies, augmented reality, and digital spaces.

Make. Sell. Repeat.

Cover for Make. Sell. Repeat. by Emily WordenMake. Sell. Repeat. is packed with strategic business advice that’s jargon-free and tailored to creative entrepreneurs like artists, crafters, or makers who want to grow their creative business. Learn how to build a website in an afternoon with no skills, when is the most popular day and time to market on social media, how to price your products using a simple formula, why limiting selection and raising prices increases sales, how to write a product description that informs and persuades, and more.

This is an e-book that can be accessed through the app Axis 360.

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