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"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy

Lead With These Titles

These titles cover multiple aspects of leadership, from energizing and inspiring your team to choosing an effective second-in-command and negotiating.

One Mission

Cover Image of One MissionAdd the agility, adaptability, and cohesion that is common in small teams to your large organization. According to Chris Fussell, well-built companies often end up with teams pursuing goals and metrics within their own silos. In One Mission, Fussell will help you build a single aligning narrative for all your teams, eliminate excessive bureaucracy, increase collaboration between silos, and define decision spaces that give teams more autonomy.

Tandem Leadership

Cover Image of Tandem LeadershipTandem Leadership uses the fable of fictional entrepreneur Marcus Kinsey to illustrate the business story of many CEOs. He saw an opportunity and created his own company. But it's not long before he realizes that his hard work and vision are not enough to make his company a success nor give him the life that he wanted. Through the Tandem Leadership process, Marcus begins to understand how an effective second-in-command can be a cornerstone of his company's growth and success.

Change the Way You Change

Cover Image for Change the Way You ChangeAccelerate business performance by making change a part of your leadership agenda. Change the Way You Change provides an in-depth discussion of one of the five roles of great change leaders: focus, align, engage, lead, and sustain.

The Inspiration Code

Cover Image for The Inspiration CodeA spark is all it takes to inspire, whether it is a boss who tells you that they recognize your potential, a colleague who listens to your ideas, or a manger who communicates with a mixture of authenticity and vulnerability. These conversations galvanize people to achieve more than they thought possible. The Inspiration Code explores how communication and leadership are interlinked.


Cover Image for MultipliersLearn to be the type of leader who walks into a room where light bulbs go off, ideas flow, and problems get solved. These leaders are called Multipliers, and in her book, Liz Wiseman explains that there are five disciplines that distinguishes multipliers and diminishers. The five disciplines are not based on innate talent, but instead are skills and practices that everyone can learn to use.

Real Leaders Negotiate!

Cover Image for Real Leaders NegotiateConventional wisdom believes that strong leaders refuse to negotiate and view it as a sign of weakness. But Real Leaders Negotiate! claims that negotiation is required to gain, exercise, and retain leadership. Jeswald W. Salacuse draws on his own experience in leadership positions and examples from the rise and fall of Carly Fiorina, how Warren Buffet saved Salomon Brothers, and how the partners of Goldman Sachs negotiated a new vision and direction to teach how to lead effectively with negotiation.


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