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Prepare for your next interview with Big Interview

So you've received that exciting callback and scheduled an interview. Now it's time to prepare!

With your San Jose Public Library Card, you can prepare for your next interview with Big Interview.

To access the links below, you will need to create an account first.


Two different tracks that fit your needs

If you have an interview in a few days, choose the Fast Track option where you can watch videos on best practices, types of interviews and interviewers, how to answer inappropriate questions, and what to wear. Have more time? Choose the Mastery Track option where you can prepare for phone, video, 1-on-1 and in-person, and panel interviews.

Image of Button for Big Interview's Fast Track OptionImage of Button for Big Interview's Mastery Track Option


Written curriculum available

If video learning does not suit you, choose one of the many written modules by clicking Learn and then Written Curriculum.

Image of Button for Big Interview's Written Curriculum OptionImage of Buttons for Big Interview's Written Curriculum Modules


Find common interview questions

And if you need a mock interview with common interview questions, click Practice and then Practice Interviews to get a list of questions by industry and competency. There are also mock interviews for school admissions, government jobs, and jobs for veterans.

Image of Buttons for Big Interview's Practice Interviews Option and Types of Questions


Practice with a virtual interviewer and record your response

Now, you've got your questions and it's time to practice! With Big Interview, you can record a video of yourself answering common interview questions.

Image of Big Interview's Video Practice Option


Send a recorded practice session

After you record yourself, send the video to a mentor, colleague, or friend.


Learn More

And of course, we always have many resources and programs about interviewing, so check them out today! Also sign up for our mailing list to hear about our latest events automatically.

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