SJPL Works - Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is available on all SJPL Works computers for your small business' creative needs! Select the logos below to learn more about these applications through the library's resource.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver IconIncrease the traffic to your business' online web presence by using the industry's standard for creating, coding, and managing websites. View your website as you code or place elements. And don't be afraid if you are new to coding. Dreamweaver's new coding engine offers code hints and visual aids that reduce errors and improve readability. Preview sites on multiple devices at the same time, including actual mobile devices.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign IconWeb presence is great! But sometimes your customers need something placed in their hand to respond. Release your inner graphic designer through this industry standard to create, preflight, and publish everything from printed books, flyers, and brochures to digital magazines, eBooks, and interactive online documents. Create fine print that spans multiple columns in a specific frame or across entire documents to better explain when offers are valid. Click on selected text to see OpenType font properties, and apply properties to characters, words, or a story in seconds.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop IconTone and adjust those photos that you took of your products or business across desktops and mobile devices. Create tools that automate processes, such as optimizing photos for online publishing, conversion of raw images to JPEG, and auto leveling. Easy-to-use tools help create amazing images for design projects like banners, flyers, websites, and more. Combine multiple images, remove objects, and retouch photos using a complete set of professional photography tools. You can also use Photoshop to design images for web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom IconWith Lightroom, your photography goes where you go. Organize, edit, and share photos from anywhere — on your computer, on the web, on an iPad, and on an iPhone or Android device. Boundary Warp stretches the edges of a merged panorama to give the full image without losing any important details. True High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture automatically optimizes the exposure using your Lightroom mobile in-app camera to re-create the scene exactly as you see it.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere IconLights, camera, action! It would be so easy if that was all that was required to create great video for your business. But we all know that the other half of the work involves editing the video, re-recording the soundtrack, and adding visual effects. Premiere allows you to edit virtually any type of media in its native format and create professional productions for film, TV, and web. Create graphics and titles right in the Program Monitor with the Essential Graphics panel. Easily add and edit dynamic Motion Graphics templates created in After Effects. With new audio effects and workflows, beginners can get professional sound quality. The Essential Sound panel provides optimal parameters for music, effects, dialogue, and ambiance.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator IconSometimes what you're imagining can only be drawn. Illustrator allows you to create logos, icons, sketches, typography, and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video, and mobile. Draw paths and shapes that seamlessly align to the pixel grid. Select an entire artboard or choose individual assets from one or more artboards, and export them to multiple sizes, resolutions, and formats in a single click.


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To take any of the online courses via, go to and select the link. You will be prompted for your library card and pin.

And if learning with a video does not fit your learning style, you can always check out our awesome eBooks! Also, look out for events that will help you learn how to use this software by visiting or signing up for our email list.

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