SJPL Increases Support for Students Learning at Home

Submitted by Joanna Henderson on Wed, 03/25/2020 - 8:30 AM
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Does your child’s homework got you stumped? Can’t remember how to factor quadratic equations, convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit (much less metric to U.S. measurements), just what those numbers on the periodic table mean, how atoms combine to make molecules, or where you should use a semi-colon and where you should use a period?

Instead of searching the internet for answers that only look correct, connect your child with a trained tutor through San José Public Library’s eResource. Create an account using your (or your child’s) Library Barcode and PIN (click here if you’ve forgotten your PIN). Once in, answer some questions regarding the subject your child wants help with, and will connect your child to a tutor.

Your Library Card Can Help You Access

Due to the Shelter In Place order, San José Public Library has increased the number of tutoring sessions per week from seven to ten. That’s ten sessions per week where your child can receive professional help on assignments from math to English; from science to history. will even provide feedback on essays, résumés, and cover letters. The service is available to students from Kindergarten to College.

Sign Up for an eLibrary Card Now!

If you weren’t able to get a Library card before our branches closed, you can apply online and immediately get an eLibrary Card. The eLibrary card is good for 60 days, and it gives you access the same eResources (including that you would be able to access with a regular Library card. Even your child can get their own eLibrary card. Once our branches re-open, you can come in and convert your eLibrary card to a regular card.

So save yourself hours of Googling geometric formulas, obscure grammatical rules, and different types of rocks. Take advantage of the resources that San José Public Library offers, and get your child a trained, subject matter expert for FREE!

Post Written by Adrian McBride, Literacy Program Specialist, SJPL

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