Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017!

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

Comic book fans rejoice! Silicon Valley Comic Con has finally returned!

Since the comic book genre initially rocketed into the mainstream with the success of the Marvel and DC movies, comic conventions have become massive gatherings where the sub-culture congregates and meets their favorite artists, authors, and creators and participates in special exclusive events.

If you don't need anymore convincing, you can skip to our promo code information to find out how you can get 20% off your ticket price. Otherwise, we've listed out just a few of the reasons why you will want to go to SVCC this year!

Celebrating 30 Years of Star Trek

30 Years of Star Trek with slices of Star Trek profile images

In its second year, the SVCC will be hosting a special tribute to Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 30-year anniversary. A majority of the cast will be present at the convention along with the original Star Trek icon, William Shatner. Before Steve Wozniak and local investors created the SVCC, lots of comic fans looked toward Southern California in envy of the big events and celebrities that the notable San Diego Comic Con attracted. After its strong inauguration year, Wozniak and his friends are demonstrating how dedicated they are to making the SVCC its own notable comic convention.

More Celebrities & Industry Legends

Aside from the Star Trek spotlight, this year’s SVCC also has a growing list of celebrity guests and industry legends worth coming out for.

Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw illustrating a line drawing.

Scott Shaw is not only a legend of comics, but also one of the pioneers of the comic convention scene we see today. Shaw was one of the founders of the giant San Diego Comic Con and made his reputation illustrating for the iconic cartoons of Hanna-Barbera.

Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy WeirAuthor, Andy Weir

The sci-fi author Andy Weir, who wrote the Golden Globe and Hugo Award winning The Martian, will be present at the convention. The California native and software engineer is more than relevant in the continuing theme of the convention being technology, science, and comics.

Cool Scientists

Arrival - MovieMilky Way Galaxy

This year the Wozniak team made sure to stack up on their science and tech guests. Jessica Coon is a PhD linguist and consultant for the award winning film Arrival; which was adapted from a short story by author Ted Chiang’s Stories of Your Life and Others. Also -- the famed astrophysicist Frank Drake, who was the first to map the center of the Milky Way Galaxy (our galaxy), will be present with the long line of scientific special guests.

The Simpsons

Matt Groening's The Simpsons family sitting on their couch.Bill Morrison

Matt Groening has been a household name for nearly 30 years, thanks to his creation of The Simpsons TV show. However, the artists who create behind the scenes, making such staples in comics possible, are not so well-known. One of those artists is Bill Morrison. Morrison was an illustrator and creative director for The Simpsons Bongo Comics series and also worked on Groening’s Futurama series.

Ron Wilson: Hulk Illustrator

Marvel Incredible Hulk

Ask a comic book aficionado about the Golden Age or Bronze Age of Marvel comics and they’ll give you a list of notable creators who shaped the characters of the Marvel universe. One of those names that is sure to come up would be Ron Wilson. Wilson was a key illustrator in The Hulk comic series during the late 70’s. Wilson is just one of the many notable and legendary illustrators scheduled to appear at the convention.

Steve Yuen

Steven YeunLine drawing illustration of Glenn


If you are a fan of The Walking Dead series, you understand why and how actor Steven Yeun left his mark (ouch) on TWD series. Many fans cried, and many fans cringed when Yeun’s character, Glenn, was ceremoniously canceled. Although violence and the untimely death of many characters in the series is not a surprise for the veteran fans of the series, Glenn's departure was an emotional one. Yeun’s appearance at the convention is sure to draw big crowds.

Robert Englund

Robert EnglundA Nightmare on Elm Street 2

This year’s convention is also sure to draw big crowds of horror fans who will be coming to meet the Nightmare on Elm Street actor, Mr. Krueger himself, Robert Englund.

SJPL at SVCC: Discounts & More Fun

Need more incentive to attend this year’s comic con? How about a discount? That’s right! This year Silicon Valley Comic Con is offering a special discount for all San José Public Library Members:

Promo Code: SJPL20

Use the promo code SJPL20 when purchasing your tickets, and you will receive a 20% discount on a 1- or 3-day pass!

We'll be there, too!

Darth Vader costume

All of these guests are only a slice of what to expect for this year’s convention. The San José Public Library will also be attending the convention with our own booth and an assortment of events available for all attendees. Stop by our table to get a free library card, learn about our awesome eResources Hoopla that allow you to read comics online, and our special SVCC programming. And don't forget, SJPL will have the most free stuff!

Programs from SJPL
  • Create and Destroy: Channel your inner Godzilla in our very own kaiju kingdom. Design your own city using over 40 boxes and a massive amount of markers. Stack 'em up any way you want and then knock 'em all down! And unlike most cities in giant monster movies, you can rebuild and repeat as often as you'd like.
  • Emergency Cosplay Repair: After all those hours of preparing your costume, you get to SVCC and the unexpected happens. Is your Ghostbusters proton pack just not staying together? Found a rip in your Jedi robe? SJPL has your back with our Emergency Cosplay Repair Kit! Equipped with a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies courtesy of Teen HQ, different types of glues, and more available to use. You'll be back on the convention floor in no time!
  • Photo Booth: Showcase your costume, or dress up with our super accessories! Share photos on your favorite social media sites with #SJPLKAPOW !
  • Button Making: Create your own one-of-kind button using panels from a variety of available comics and our button machines!
  • Create Your Own Superhero: Design your own superhero with our collection of art supplies. Will they be strong like Wonder Woman, fast like The Flash, magical like Steven Universe, or super smart like She-Hulk? Will they have a cape or not? Do they have a backstory that needs avenging? When you're done, display your own hero on our Wall of Justice! Together, all the heroes will be Superb Friends.

More to come!

SJPL kaiju kingdomGhostbuster CosplayR2D2Comic Con CosplayWonder Woman costume


The last comic con i attended was in Oakland. It was amazingly interesting in many ways. Glad to see a comic con right here in River City (Silicon Valley). True to keeping with Comic Con, it will be amazing and more than fantasy.

i love comic books Marvel and Dc are the best

I am greatly inspired by this TV Show and I am planning to attend this year's Comic-Con with full zeal and enthusiasm. I have also bought a costume from Sky-Seller which I will be wearing on the very first day to the event

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