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Establishing a self-care routine that I can stick with has taken some time. It might seem easy to make a self-care routine, but sticking to it can be the real struggle. Every day will vary depending on time we allow ourselves. Remember your chosen self-care journey doesn't have to be fulfilled daily. Pick a few steps and increase steps later if you'd like. My current self-care journey helps my whole well-being. Remind yourself that your self-care routine does not have to be a chore. Pick a few steps that will help relax you. Remember your chosen routine should de-stress and aid to a better you. I am sharing my current self-care with you, to give you an idea of what your self-care can look like. 



My Current Self-care Routine

Night facial massage with Gua Sha tool – after cleansing and prepping my skin, I layer facial products. Allow each layer to dry (30-50 seconds). Think of this as a meditation or a present moment you’re allowing yourself to treat yourself. You can alter each day with less or more products depending on the needs of your skin. Press each product onto your skin, DO NOT RUB into your skin. Be gentle either press into or gently in a sweeping motion, only when your skin has product.

  1. After cleansing, use toner or if you desire a treatment (mask) before this, apply toner after mask.
  2. Apply a serum of your choice or add a booster
  3. Apply treatment of your choice vitamin C serum and or other acid (AHA/ BHA)
    (DO NOT ADD acid with acid, this can cause sensitiveness or skin to react)

    *Tip: Do not use an acid based mask and then add in your regimen the same day. Depending on your skin this can make your skin react and make your skin sensitive. Make sure to add gentle serum(s) with acid based products.
  4. If needed, add an oil of your choice after your treatment or serum.
  5. Either spray your face with a facial mist of your choice or use a Gua Sha without.

    *Tip: You can skip this step but this can help with your Gua Sha massage. This will allow more slippage if your product(s) are not allowing your Gua Sha to glide on your face. Remember do not tug on your skin.

Use a Gua Sha tool to massage products further into skin, 2-5 min. It is normal to experience the skin to get pink- slight red since you are stimulating your cells/ blood to circulate. Not to worry if you’re doing this correctly, it will fade after a few minutes.

*Tip: You might experience a slight pink to light red, but your skin should not become blotchy. While preforming Gua Sha correctly, blotchy skin should not be present. Preform Gua Sha with light pressure and hold between 15-45-degree angle.

*Tip: Apply a treatment mask weekly or depending on the needs of my skin. Remember to not over 

Scalp massage – daily or weekly, after or before a shower. You can massage in a treatment (serum/oil or leave in tonic that will later get washed out after 20-30 min). Wash out treatment during a shower or massage in a light serum on to scalp or leave in conditioner.

Yoga 2-3 times a week – there are many Yoga practices for all levels. Check online or ask friends and family. 15 - 90 min.

Meditation at least 10 min. – there are many apps available for meditation and or search online for websites. Yoga 2-3 times a week – there are many Yoga practices for all levels. Check online or ask friends and family. 15 - 90 min.

Facial steps: A quick beak down

  1. Cleanse (mild cleanser)
  2. Toner
  3. Facial serum or acid based serum
  4. Oil or moisturizer desired
  5. Facial spray (if desired)
  6. Gua Sha massage

Facial steps: Treatment day

  1. Cleanse (Oil based)
  2. Cleanse (mild daily cleanser)
  3. Mask
  4. Toner
  5. Facial serum
  6. Oil or moisturizer desired
  7. Facial spray
  8. Gua Sha massage

Start Your Self-care Journey

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The Self-care Cookbook

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