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When I hear the phrase self-care I think a day at the spa or sleep-in but I have learned that self-care comes in many forms. It can be a spa day to cooking your favorite meal. It’s a reminder to take care of your all over health. Do what you love, it’s easy to put our well-being at the end of your to-do list. We all need to remember to take care of ourselves. We can take as little as 5-15 min. daily, for you take time out for yourself slow down. Be present, to a weekend of self-care (hiking, biking, whatever makes you happy).

Ask yourself, what helps you feel refreshed and slows you down, enough to get you in the present moment and feel good. This is what self-care means to me, but if you need some ideas, I have added some suggestions to help you start. You can find what works for you.

Let’s get started!

  • Go for a walk/ hike or run - this can be for 15-90 mins.
  • Night time facial massage: After cleansing your skin applying moisturizer of your choice, use a facial or body tool if you have one but, you can use your hands.
  • At home facial or at a spa - you can search for homemade recipes online or buy at a local shop.
  • Sit down for at least 5 min. and massage hands & feet.
  • Journal - good or bad we need to get things off our chest and process life’s twists and turns. (Mental health is very important & should be included in your self-care routine) 
  • Stretch - try this for at least 5 min. and increase to whatever time you can allow.
  • Yoga - this varies for each individual, so please listen to your bodies restrictions.
  • Dry brushing your body.

Try something new and stick to it, whatever hobby or sport you have been putting off, today is the day to start!


My Current Self-care

Night facial massage with Gua Sha tool – after cleansing and prepping my skin I layer serums and lotions and after use a Gua Sha tool to massage products further into skin.

Scalp massage – this can be done after or before a shower. You can massage in a treatment then wash it out during a shower or massage in a light serum for scalp health after a shower.

Yoga 2-3 times a week – there are many Yoga practices for all levels.

Meditation at least 10 min. – there are many apps available for meditation and or search online for websites.


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