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Submitted by TeenHQ on Wed, 06/10/2020 - 5:00 PM
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This is their QuaranTEEN Diary

The past three weeks, a handful of teens who love to write joined together for a fun hour of discussion and writing about their experience as a teen living in extraordinary times. They collaboratively created this blog post to share with other teens what their experience is like during this time of sheltering-in-place.

Writing and contributions from Aditya, Arya, Caleb, Giwin, Jane, Sanjana, and Yana.


What are you doing during the day?

During the day we are usually preoccupied, "spending my day doing a ton of homework." Some of us "tutor kids from home. I work for Kumon, so every Tuesday and Thursday I’ve been tutoring kids in math and reading over Zoom." Other than academics most of us spend our time online or on our phones. "I have been watching Tik Tok and gaming. I've been FaceTiming my friends playing games like Brawl Stars and Pokemon. I also enjoy play games on websites like and" Some teens have also been trying "some new hobbies, like baking." Or unsure what to do after school work some of us just "randomly just start walking around the house and looking at Youtube, or just randomly start reading books."


What can’t you do?

There's a lot of things we wish we could be doing besides schoolwork and TikTok. If these were normal times "I would be playing badminton." Sports are something that we miss and haven't been able to participate in because of the sheltering-in-place. "I can’t practice tennis so I’ve been playing in my backyard by hitting the ball against a wall or going onto the trail myself or with my family." Other big life moments have been put on hold, too. "I was supposed to get my license in June but the DMV is closed so I wasn’t able to make an appointment and I’m kinda bummed about that." In the meantime, we can still safely practice our driving skills with our permits until the DMV reopens.


What can you do?

Focusing on the positive and keeping ourselves busy "I have been finding more games to play with my friends since we can’t meet in person." We spend a lot of time outside "going on many hikes at our many parks where I can relax," and begin new hobbies like, "starting to play basketball because I live near a park that has basketball hoops." And practice ones we don't normally have a lot of time for such as, "skateboarding more often than I do. I would probably like to learn more about that!" All the time at home has allowed for us teens to learn new things. "I would like to learn how to play the guitar! I would like to write music and compose stuff more on my ukulele and piano. "I have also been thinking of maybe starting to make youtube videos. I just need to find the right genre."


What have you learned?

Overall we have learned quite a bit during this time at home. We are preparing for the next school year and some of us are "going to extra math classes against my will" or while others are "preparing to take a math class in the summer to get into AP Calculus AB next year." Exploring new technologies and "learning python and looking into making computers and how each part works with each other, like processors, etc." and traditional crafts like baking and "learning how to crochet" have also helped us cure boredom.

Some of us have even buddied up to create something and "have been working on an educational podcast, in doing so we’ve acquired a lot of new knowledge. I’ve been learning how to make the podcast and which editing and recording software and hardware to use. I have been learning how to draw digitally to create logos and promotional images on the app Procreate. I’ve also figured out how to use Garageband pretty well and I think I could edit audio somewhat easily. I’ve also learned the steps it takes to set up a podcast and it’s been pretty fun. It's been fun brainstorming different topics that we could talk about like politics, world events, and random fun facts. I think this podcast has opened my eyes to information that I didn’t know was important and even some unique facts."

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QuaranTEEN Playlist

Here are a few songs we've had on repeat since sheltering-in-place.


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