Prepare for Star Wars: The Last Jedi with VIII Titles at Your Library

Only a few days remain until the next Star Wars motion picture is released!


Prepare for Star Wars: The Last Jedi by learning more about the back stories of some of the characters of the saga's universe. In honor of Episode VIII, here are 8 books, TV series, and graphic novels that celebrate the official canon of Star Wars. Who knows, maybe some of the characters introduced in these titles will appear in a future film!

Star Wars: the Clone Wars Season 1 DVDStar Wars The Clone Wars

Galactic drama awaits! The Clone Wars tv series exposes the struggle between the Galactic Republic and the Separatist movement. We are introduced to exciting new characters such as Anakin's Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Count Dooku's apprentice Asajj Ventress, and Darth Maul's brother Savage Opress. The series starts slowly, and a bit silly, but by the fifth season you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting to see how the story and character arcs unfold.


Cover of the novel Thrawn by Timothy ZahnThrawn by Timothy Zahn

First introduced in the Star Wars Legends trilogy Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn, Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Galactice Empire was renowned for his brilliant military strategy and feared for his intolerance of failure. Thrawn eventually became a canonical character in the animated series Star Wars Rebels as a nemesis of Phoenix Squad (and a whole bunch of other Rebels). Timothy Zahn revisits Thrawn again in 2017 with this highly anticipated book, introducing us to Thrawn's life before and during his rise in the Empire.


Cover of Star Wars Rebels Season 2Star Wars Rebels

Fourteen years after the Galactic Republic crumples and Jedi Knights were hunted down, a group of rebels engages the Galactic Empire in combat and espionage. As the rebels on the freighter Ghost, including former Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus and adept pilot Hera Syndulla, continue to resist the new Empire, they encounter an increasing number of citizens and soldiers like them who fight against the Empire's grip.


Cover of Leia: Princess of AlderaanLeia: Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray

Princess Leia, before obtaining the secret plans of the Empire's ultimate weapon (SPOILERS: it's the Death Star), used to be an ordinary princess. She was living her life engaging in diplomacy, conducting relief efforts, and learning how to rule her people. Eventually, Leia is caught between helping her planet of Alderaan or saving the entire galaxy from the Empire. While we know the road Leia takes prior to reading this novel, the path she walks to become a leader of the Rebellion is fascinating tale of its own.


Cover of Star Wars: From a Certain Point of ViewStar Wars: From a Certain Point of View

Are you curious about Aunt Beru's life before she and Uncle Owen were killed onTatooine? How about a story about the tentacled beast (a dianoga) in the trash compactor of the Death Star? Would you like to learn more about Biggs Darklighter's final flight with the Republic against the Death Star? Forty popular authors give their take on Star Wars universe characters in this engaging celebration of the 40th anniversary of the series.


Cover of graphic novel Vader DownVader Down by Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen

Vader Down is literally about Darth Vader's lone TIE Advanced x1 starship being shot down by pretty much an entire Rebel fleet (including Luke Skywalker) onto the Rebel-controlled planet Vrogas Vas. Darth Vader's odds of survival on this Rebel-held planet may be 3,720 to 1, but this is Darth Vader we're talking about. He's certainly going to give the Rebels an immense fight as they search the planet for him.



Cover of the novel BloodlineBloodline by Claudia Gray

Six years before the events of the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Senator Leia Organa struggles with bickering within the New Republic. This new government consists of a collection of planets, civilization, and star systems, each with their own agendas and opinions on the way the galaxy should be run after the collapse of the Empire. While Leia contends with a growing threat in the outskirts of the new government and internal threats in her own Senate, she must learn to live with her legacy of being the daughter of one of the most ruthless leaders of the Empire.


Cover of the novel PhasmaPhasma by Delilah S. Dawson

We didn't get to learn much about Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, except that she has amazing armor and probably has much distaste for garbage chutes. However, in Phasma, her background is revealed during a terrible interrogation of a Resistance member. This Resistance member knows about Phasma's past, and a ruthless Stormtrooper named Cardinal is determined to learn everything possible about where she came from as a political power play


Are you a super Star Wars fan (and I don't mean the Super Nintendo game from over 25 years ago)? What are your predictions for the new film? Are you looking forward to Luke teaching Rey his thoughts on the Force? Chewie getting his revenge? Finn and Phasma dueling with all bets off? I'd love to hear your Star Wars thoughts and memories; please share them in the comments below!

Senator Leia Organa


Wonderful post, cannot wait to check it out! : )

Thanks so much!! Hope you enjoyed the movie, it's been pretty polarizing in terms of reviews so far!

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