Prepare Fer Talk Like a Pirate Day, Ye Scallywags!

jolly roger

Avast ye mateys! Comin' up be one 'o th' most important holidays 'o all, National Talk Like A Pirate Day! Here be some 'o th' best ways t' learn how t' be a pirate 'n celebrate on Monday, Septembaaahhr 19th!

pirate cat moving gif


Feast ye eyes on these splendid movin' pictures. We give 'em one rusted hook 'n a thumb up!

cover of pirates! band of misfits cover of hookcover of muppet treasure islandcover fo treasure planetcover of the gooniescover of the princess bridecover of pirates of the caribbean, curse of the black pearlcover of pirates of the caribbean, dead man's chestcover of stardust


Children's Books

Books fer th' wee babes. Can ne'er start 'em too young on th' learnin's 'o bein' a scurvy pirate!

cover of everything i know about pirates cover of piratescover of piratepediacover of how i became a piratecove of pirate crunchercover of pirate princesscover of the voyage to magical northcover of pirates perfect petcover of the pirate pig


How to be a Pirate fer Teens 'n Adults

Ebbry-blastin'-theng ye needs must know-oo to lay tongue liker aargh-thentic pirate!

cove of the pirate primercover of the word atlas of piratescover of the republic of piratescover of the pirate's pactcover of the history of piratescover of gigantic book of pirate stories


Fiction fer Adults 'n Teens

Wundaaarrr-ful tall tales!

cover of the pirates! in an adventure with scientistscover of Princeless Raven the Pirate Princess 1cover of the girl from everywherecover of pirates!cover of we are piratescover of a tyranny of petticoats


Claim Ye Pirate Booty!

Now that ye can walk, natter, 'n look th' part o' a pirate, ye can claim yer owns free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!

Talk Like a Pirate Day - pirate doughnut from Krispy Creme



Thank you for this post, Jessica! Too funny. The cat gif made me smile. :)

When is talk like a pirate day?

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