Pollinators: Keeping Company with Flowers

Pollinators: Keeping Company with Flowers is at the San Jose Public Library

Pollinators: Keeping Company with Flowers, an exhibit that portrays the relationship between insects and the flowers they pollinate, is on the 5th floor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library  through September 16, 2017.

Thank you for joining us in person and live on instagram with Patrick Pizzo Thursday, August 24, 2017 :

A note from our speaker: "I encourage anyone getting into CA Native Plant Gardening to become a member of the Yahoo Group, gardeningwithnatives.  It is a blog that features discussions about CNP gardening in general and prior posts (one can search prior discussions), it would be most helpful to newbies."   Pppizzo

Thank you for joining us in person and live on instagram with Master Gardener Cynthia Butler on Saturday, July 29, 2017:

Check out Cynthia's work I/P at: Martial Cottle County Park
5283 Snell Ave. San Jose, CA 95136
UCCE Master Gardener Demonstration Garden
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays
9am - Noon / Parking $6.00
Habitat Garden and CA Natives Garden
Wednesdays, 9am - Noon
She also recommends the UC Berkeley Bee Lab

robber fly

The traveling exhibition explores the diversity of native California pollinators and their flowers through a series of vivid photographs.

squash bee

Take a closer look at California ecology through the lives of these pollinating species and the needs and obstacles of these important insects.

pipevine swallowtail

Featuring over 50 photographs of pollinators in wild and garden settings, primarily taken by Northern California plantsman and naturalist, John Whittlesey. These images vividly portray the intriguing lives of bees, butterflies, flies, and beetles.

green metallic beetle

The exhibit aims to increase awareness and appreciation of the incredible beauty and diversity of pollinators in California.

annas hummingbird

Pollinators: Keeping Company with Flowers is a traveling exhibition from Exhibit Envoy developed by Jennifer Jewell and John Whittlesey.


This exhibit was made possible through the support of the Friends of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library.

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Hi Erin, I wish I could attend! Alas, I am working both of the days. My bees are loving the large lavender bush I have at home. :O) Leslie

Come by and see the exhibit! or send me a picture of your bees and we will add it to the exhibit!!

So many information and interesting free events/workshops. The blog is so beautiful with amazing photos. Thank you

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