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A Poem-Worthy Interaction

Nicole and Marcia smiling in the Koret Atrium

A few weeks back, a volunteer named Marcia Cohen Zakai had an interaction so special she decided to write a poem to sum up her experience. Marcia just recently began volunteering as an Art Docent at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, but she is also an Adult Literacy Tutor with Partners in Reading, and has been using the public library her whole life. Just like everyone else, she regularly utilizes the library's materials and resources and from time to time she runs into minor hiccups with items she has placed on hold.

Marcia had been waiting for a copy of Andrew Yang's The War on Normal People which seemed to be stuck in transit. Marcia spoke over the phone with Nicole Nunez, a clerk at the King Library. With a little sleuthing, Nicole was able to solve the problem for Marcia's requested book and there was indeed a happily ever after. Below is Marcia's endearing poem which perfectly captures the feeling of what library users experience if their hold is ever caught in library limbo:


Ode to Nicole

had a simple question:
I wondered what went wrong;
how could a book on hold
be in transit for so long?

You could have said, "I'll look into it,
We appreciate your call."
But instead you said you'd call me back,
a gesture not so small.

You said you'd investigate what happened
and you went the extra mile,
so now I thank and praise you
with gratitude and a smile.

You acted like it was natural,
that what you did was no big deal,
but you truly went above and beyond
so I wanted you to know how I feel:

I finally could read the book
that you rescued from its black hole;
Your expertise and kindness
totally achieved that goal.

Most library customers
don't send you silly rhymes
for troubleshooting problems
and being courteous and kind.

So enjoy this little ditty
thanking you for helping me
and all the other readers
in this public library.

~Marcia Cohen Zakai, King Library Tour Docent and Adult Literacy Tutor


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I'm so proud of you my friend, I love the poem.

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