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The Park

The Santa Teresa county park is a sixteen hundred acre park located in south San Jose. This park offers seventeen miles of trails for hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers. If you are looking for a challenging hike, the Coyote Peak trail is recommended for it's steepness.

This beautiful county park has breathtaking views of San Jose's well known grassy hills and offers a look into the diverse natural habitats of wildlife. For beautiful views of California wildflowers the Santa Clara County parks department recommends a visit to the Stile Ranch trail in the park between March and June.

The Trail


Barn ©Brandy Maldonado

The #PixinParks challenge for the Santa Teresa county park is a 2.9 mile hike rated as moderate. I would rate this challenge as easy to moderate for its gradual elevation gain. The trail is partially shaded and it is recommended to bring a hat and wear sunscreen. This hike starts right at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch parking lot, there is limited parking so I recommend getting there early for one of the few parking spots. The hike itself is littered with the history of the ranch and makes you feel as though you are stepping back into simpler times. This is one of the parks I will be returning to in the future if not to hike to at least stroll the ranch grounds and say hello to the chickens.

Things to do

Orange tree
Orange tree ©Brandy Maldonado

The Santa Teresa Golf Club, located directly adjacent to the county park is another great way to spend your time outdoors. Make a whole day dedicated to outdoor fun by playing a round of gold before or after exploring the county park. The Santa Teresa County Golf Club is currently open and is taking advance reservations for tee times. 

Make an entire weekend of outdoor adventures by visiting the Black Mountain Bowman archery club and range located inside the park. The range is open to public archers when not in use for private tournaments. No equipment is available for rent you will need to bring your own bow to use the facilities here.

Take some time to unwind by picking a shaded spot near the Bernal-Gulch-Joice ranch to picnic. This park has plenty of lovely scenery to hang out all day and just relax. Park goers are encouraged to picnic at the Santa Teresa County park, just be sure to pack out all of your garbage.

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