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#PixinParks Los Gatos Creek

Los Gatos Creek boat dock

The Park

Cherry blossom flowers on a branch

The Los Gatos Creek County Park is a beautiful park located in Campbell. This park uses regional trails to link parks and open preserves from local ordinances. This park is littered with beautiful cherry blossom trees and lake views.

Los Gatos Creek County park has a $6 parking fee for daily use and using the trail gives you access to several other parks. The Los Gatos Creek dog park is located inside the park with two separate parks, one for medium to large dogs and one for small dogs. This park is great for bird watching, fishing, playing with your dog and going for a jog!

The Trail

Turtle in a lake

The trail for this challenge is paved, flat and easy to access! If you are practicing social distancing, it is best to go early in the morning as this trail can get crowed from mid morning to mid afternoon. I walked this trail in early February just as cherry blossoms were blooming, making the perfect time to go in Spring. Heron, ducks, and turtles could be seen in the lake, making this trail perfect for youngsters and wildlife lovers.

Special thanks to our friends at the Santa Clara County Parks department offering this amazing challenge.

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