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The Park

Ed R. Levin County park is a fifteen hundred acre park located in Milpitas. This park has plenty of grassy lawns for picnics and recreation. This park includes jungle gyms, hiking trails and ponds for public use. The Santa Clara County Parks department suggests taking the trails to Monument peak to see spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay.

The Trail

Oak tree

The #PixinParks challenge for this park is a 3.78 mile trail rated as moderate for the elevation gain. I would say that this challenge is aptly rated for the elevation. The trails for this challenge are sparsely shaded, therefore a hat and sunblock are recommended.

I took this challenge in late October when the weather was strangely warm. On a clear day hikers can see the silicon valley and some of the San Francisco bay. Unfortunately, the skies were not clear for my adventure. The photo op was easy enough to find and made for the perfect spot to rest in the shade.


Things to do

Hang glider

The city of Milpitas has a dog park located the Ed R. Levin County Park. This park has a generously sized off leash dog park for big and small dogs. There is plenty of room for big and small dogs alike to play fetch, relax and play together. Dog owners state there is plenty of room for pets to run around but to bring your own chair for humans to sit on. 

One of the best sights to see in the Ed R. Levin County park is the Wings of Rogallo, hang gliders and paragliders.  Flying enthusiasts are welcome to fly at Ed R. Levin County park 7 days a week with a few restrictions. Park goers are welcome to watch gliders take off and fly around the park.


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