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#PixinParks Coyote Creek Parkway

The Park

Coyote Creek Parkway, Coyote Creek Trail. 2019 Pix in Parks photo op. ©Brandy Maldonado
Image: Coyote Creek Parkway, Coyote Creek Trail. 2019 Pix in Parks photo op. ©Brandy Maldonado.

Coyote Creek Parkway has over 15 miles of scenic views following the Coyote Creek. This park has paved walkways that allow hikers, joggers, bicyclists and skaters to enjoy the great outdoors. Located between San Jose and the city of Morgan Hill, Coyote Creek Parkway is north of Coyote Hellyer County park and south of the Anderson Lake County park. With paved trails, and ample space for pedestrian traffic, this park is perfect for those who enjoy running outdoors. Here are some books you can find at your local San Jose Public library on outdoor running:

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The Hike

Coyote Creek Parkway, Coyote Creek Trail. ©Brandy Maldonado.
Image: Coyote Creek Parkway, Coyote Creek Trail. ©Brandy Maldonado.

Exploring new parks is a great way to discover more about where you live. While hiking this trail, I discovered the Santa Clara County Model Airplane Society (SCCMAS) has their very own park! The SCCMAS park can be found just off the the Coyote Creek trail about 2 miles in. At this park, Model airplane enthusiast are encouraged to fly their planes for a small fee and families are welcome to enjoy for free! The road into the SCCMAS park is currently closed but RC airplane enthusiasts are encouraged to hike in.

I began my journey midday, on the first day of April. The weather was nice and plenty of birds could be heard singing sweet spring tunes. On this trail you'll be sure to see many parkgoers on their bikes as this is a paved path. This hike took me about an hour an a half as I stopped frequently to enjoy the fields of wildflowers, monarch butterflies and busy bumblebees. Finding the photo op is easy, it's one of three picnic tables just past the water front. Happy hiking!

The History

Portrait of Juan Bautista de Anza. SJPL California room, Clyde Arbuckle Photograph Collection.
Image: Portrait of Juan Bautista de Anza. SJPL California room, Clyde Arbuckle Photograph Collection.

The Native American tribe, Ohlone lived in what is now known as the Coyote Creek parkway. Found in this park are live oak, black oak, and tule reeds that sustained the Ohlone natives. The tribe hunted rabbits, deer, and fish for food. Using tule river reeds, the Ohlone created huts that they lived and had tribe gatherings in.

The Coyote creek was first called Arroyo del Coyote by Spanish explorers. Arroyo del Coyote was first written about on March 31st, 1776 by Padre Pedro Font. Padre Font came to California with the Spanish expeditionist, Juan Bautista de Anza Bezerra Nieto. de Anza embarked on an expedition to Alta California from Spain in 1772, arriving in the San Jose area in 1776.

#PixinParks Challenge

For more information of the #PixinParks challenge check out the Santa Clara County Parks Department website or take a look at my blog post on the San Jose Public library website describing the challenge.

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Further Reading in the California Room

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Special thanks to our friends at the Santa Clara County Parks Department for making this challenge available for Santa Clara County Residents.


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