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#PixinParks Chitactac-Adams

Ohlone Native American Round House

The Park

Ohlone petroglyh
Chitactac Adams Heritage Park, 2020 ©Brandy Maldonado

The Chitactac-Adams Heritage park is located in Gilroy just off of Watsonville road. This park sits on 4.5 acres of land with the beautiful Uvas Creek flowing through it. The park itself is quite small but does offer beautiful tributes to the Ohlone Native American tribe.

Information on the Ohlone can be found at information stations throughout the park and the few buildings that are on the property were built to resemble Ohlone villages. Picnic tables, restrooms and benches are available for use. There is no parking fee for this park and bike riders often use the lot to cool down.

The Trail


A moss covered rock

The #PixInParks challenge asks hikers to follow the 1/4 mile Interpretive Trail to the Ohlone Round House. Half of this trail is wheel-chair accessible and the other half is only accessible by stairs. Sitting by the Uvas Creek I found myself letting the worries of the big city pass me by. This is a great park to relax and listen to nature in.

Petroglyphs from the Ohlone Native Americans were once spotted along the boulders in the park but today are hidden by moss and mud. Examples of what the Petroglphys looked like when first made and what they would look like today can be seen inside the Round House structure.

Although the park has information on Ohlone Village structures that were once located at the park, the structures are no longer there today. The structures were made by Ohlone Natives from tule reeds in 2005. To see what the structures looked like please view the video below.


Preparing for a hike


Man walking on a trail

You may be wondering, how do I prepare for a hike? There are quite a few things to keep in mind when preparing hike:

  • How long you expect to be outdoors
  • What the weather conditions will be throughout the hike
  • The location of the park you will be going to

This information will help you determine what to bring, what to wear, and safety preparations. Check back in to the SJPL #PixinParks blog next month where I will discuss what to bring on your hike.

Special thanks to our friends at the Santa Clara County Parks department offering this amazing challenge.

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