A New Device: How Do I Use It?

Submitted by Ila Langner on Sat, 12/26/2020 - 1:30 PM
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If you just received a new electronic device, you may wonder how you can use it to borrow electronic materials from the library.

The library has the following resources under the Books & eLibrary menu on our website:

  • Books & More:  You can find suggestions for books by bestseller lists, our list of new titles, staff lists, and our 5forU recommendation program. You may even suggest titles that we do not carry!

  • eBooks / eMedia:  Stream & Download:  After you have found a title that you want, you can use the links for eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMovies, eMusic, eMagazines & eNews, and Online Resources Help.

  • eLearning:  Learn more next week, when I talk about new year’s resolutions.

Generally, you will note that our vendors (eBook, eAudiobook, eMovie, and eMusic) require an app download from your app store or through the library’s link. Vendor support is usually provided as a link. Once you download the app, you will enter your library card information into the app so that you can borrow through the San Jose Public Library.

Please also note that there are certain vendors listed that allow you to borrow directly from the vendor, like Digital Public Library of America, where you won’t need your library card number or like Safari Books Online, where you will need your library card.

Once you have a book title, you can check our catalog at the top right of the page to see if any of our vendors carry the title.

I Have Found the Title in the Catalog, What Do I Do Now?

Here is the general procedure for borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks. For eMovies or eMusic, download through the Hoopla app, as titles from that app are not listed in our catalog:

  • Look for the link that starts with “e.”  For instance, look for “eBook” or "eAudiobook" which is followed by a year.

  • You will next check to see if it is “available.”  If it is not available, then you will need to place a “hold.”

  • If the title is available, you will see what vendor/app carries the title.

  • Download the app onto your device from your app store or through our website.

  • Click on the app/vendor and choose San Jose Public Library.

  • You may then choose to directly borrow books through our website or directly through the app/vendor.

  • If you have a Kindle, please review these instructions.  Generally, you need to sign in with Amazon and "Get Library Book."  You also may return books through Amazon.

  • Download material.

  • Use the material through the app!

Here are the vendors that will require you to download an app in order to use the eBook, eAudiobook, eMovie, or eMusic:

There are some vendors listed that have exceptions.

Other Vendor Exceptions

As I mentioned, some vendors provide direct access to materials online either with a library card or without one, including:

A few of our vendors/apps do not have their own apps and require you to download Adobe Digital Editions:

Be sure to read the privacy statement for Adobe.

Libby by Overdrive is a vendor that allows you to borrow not just from San Jose Public Library but other public libraries, too.  All of your borrowed Overdrive titles will be on one app.

SimplyE is a great vendor/app that allows you to borrow from many different apps under one app!

Where May I Ask for Help?

If you still need assistance, please chat with us during open hours with library staff.

You may also access our Online Resources Help page for the following topics:

Please send me any questions in the comments section below!

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