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Did you know that if San Jose Public Library doesn't have what you're looking for you can borrow from other libraries? We're part of a group of libraries called LINK+. Here are several ways to access LINK+ from our new catalog:


Screen shot with dropdown menu showing LINK+ button

From Search Results

  1. Perform a search on the main catalog page by selecting Keyword, Title, Author or Subject.
  2. You will find “Try your search in LINK+” under “Search other resources” at the top right.

Note that if you select any other option in this box, if you use Advanced Search, or if you choose a link that says Broaden Search, you will NOT see the link to LINK+.

Screen shot with image of "try your search in LINK+" link

From a Title Page

  1. Go to a record for a specific title (a book, DVD, etc)
  2. You’ll see a “Try your search in LINK+” below the availability box on the right. This will take you to the LINK+ search page. This link was broken for a while, but it works now.


From a No Results page

If your search retrieves no results (e.g. search for randomly typed characters) you will see “Try your search in LINK+” at the top left.

If you don't find what you need in LINK+, you can request items from libraries throughout the rest of the country using our traditional interlibrary loan service, Illiad.

More Tips & Tricks

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions for more tips and tricks.

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