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Instagram Photo Contest

Instagram Frame Contest - Share the Love

Let us know what you are reading this summer and get rewarded for sharing!

Want to win a Samsung S2 8 16GB tablet? Then enter our Instagram Frame Contest! It's Easy!

Contest Instructions

  1. Find a book you've enjoyed reading this summer
  2. Snap a pic using your branch library's Instagram Frame
  3. Tag it with #sjplsummer
  4. Share it with SJPL on Instagram! Your Instagram account needs to be public for SJPL to see your photo.

Multiple entries with different books are allowed. A drawing will be held at the end of Summer Reading Challenge in August for one Samsung S2 8 16GB tablet from the entries shared with SJPL.

Creative Works Release

You give permission for the City of San Jose to reproduce creative works resulting from your participation in the 2017 Instagram Frame Contest. You understand that the purpose is to promote the City of San Jose and its services/programs. You give your permission with the following understanding: No compensation of any kind will be paid to you at this time or in the future for the use of your creative works.

More Instagram Action - Secret Codes!

Your local library branch will also have a secret code hidden on the back of its Instagram Frame at some point during the Summer Reading Challenge (June 1 - July 31, 2017). If you log into your summer reading account and enter the secret code, you will be entered intro a drawing for a 4-pack to the Tech Museum of Innovation the first week of August. 1 entry per secret code. Visit other San Jose Public Library branches and submit more entries with their secret code! And snap a pic with a book while you're at it and enter the Instagram Frame Contest too!

Family Who Reads the Most

For Family Who Reads the Most

Read as a family and win a 4-pack to Great America! San José Public Library is sponsoring a family prize this year for the family that reads the most minutes together. To participate:

  • You MUST use a family account on
  • Family members should each create a profile under their Family account and log their minutes read during the Summer Reading Challenge from June 1 to July 31, 2017.
  • The prize is a 4-pack to Great America and a parking pass.


Summer reading challenge has given us an awesome opportunity to attract my daughter to book reading. She is feeling very enthusiastic about it and asks to visit library every week and get more books for her to read.

So I have an account with my daughter and my son has his own, how can we combine the 3 together.. or would it still count as all 3 of us reading if it's 2 accounts? Thank you so much for you time..

What is an instagram frame?

Hi Nancy, Am curious to know the winning teams' points... where are the results put up? Thanks and Best Regards, PK

It's way past August. Who won the Instagram photo contest?

Who won the Instagram photo contest? Where are the results posted?

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