Meet the Never Ending Readers!: Santa Teresa's YA Book Club

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Do you love YA fiction and want to talk to everyone you meet about the newest books you've read? The San Jose Public Library system is home to great YA book clubs where you can do just that, including Santa Teresa Branch's club, The Never Ending Readers!

The Never Ending Readers is a club created by two of Santa Teresa's Staff, Samantha and Laura, who love talking about YA books. This club is for both teens and adults who love to have fun. They meet on the last Friday of every month from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Some of the books they have read in the past are Every Last Word, Starflight, and The Glittering Court. This month, on May 26, they will be reading one of my favorite books, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Members of the Neverending Readers Book Club

Want to get to know The Never Ending Readers a little bit better? Check out this exclusive interview with club leaders Laura and Samantha! We talk about the club and ask more about their favorite authors and reading habits.

Megan: What inspired you to create a YA book club?

Laura: It was a gradual process, actually.

Samantha: We always talk about books with each other. We needed more people to talk to books about!

Megan: What are some of the things you do at your book clubs?

Samantha: We book chat, we snack, we craft, we laugh...

Laura: We do laugh a lot!

Megan: What do you hope book club members get out of your club?

Laura: One thing is I want people to branch out from what they typically read. I used to get into ruts and I'd try something new, and find a new genre to enjoy.

Samantha: We used to read a lot of fantasy. I still love fantasy but enjoy reading more genres now. Except the last book we read, it was so sad! It was good...but yeah, it made me so sad! I hope our readers continue to read for the rest of their lives.

Laura: Yes!

Megan: What is the best thing about running a book club?

Samantha: Meeting new people and spreading our love, and the joy, of reading.

Laura: Choosing a book. It's so fun but also a challenge. Talking about books, too, of course, is fun!

Samantha: I like that, too!

Megan: What has been your favorite moment with the Never Ending Readers so far?

Laura: When we had a great turn-out at our last meeting.

Samantha: Yeah, we had a full house last time!

Megan: Who are your favorite authors?

Samantha: Sarah J. Maas, and Richelle Mead, who writes the Vampire Academy series.

Laura: Maggie Stiefvarter, who writes The Raven Boys series, and JK Rowling.

Megan: How much do you read a day?

Samantha: 1 hour typically, 3 if I'm lucky.

Laura: I'm a binge reader. I'll go through times where I read a lot then times where I don't read at all.

Megan: The infamous island question! You land on a deserted island and only had time to grab one book to bring with you (sand and water-proof paper, of course!) Which book do you bring?

Samantha: None! If I can't choose all I choose none! Well...

Laura: If I could have Harry Potter in one giant volume, I would pick that. Otherwise, Outlander.

Samantha: Wait, that counts? Then I choose the collected volume of the Dark Swan series. I'm surprised you aren't taking the Raven Boys series.

Laura: Why are you making this so difficult for me??

Megan: Which authors do you have the most books from in your book collections?

Laura: JK Rowling! I have multiple copies of the same titles.

Samantha: Richelle Mead, I have ALL of her books, including 4 Dark Swan books, the Georgia Kinkaid series, Bloodlines, Vampire Academy,and Age of X series. Also, Sarah J Maas' books, including the coloring book.

Megan: What book are you most anticipating?

Laura: The third Illuminae book! [Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff}

Samantha: ACOTAR! [A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas]

Megan: How can readers stay in touch with you both?

Laura & Samantha: Instagram!

Check out The Never Ending Readers' Instagram account, filled with fabulous photos and book challenges.

Make sure to look at our Events page for more upcoming YA Book Clubs and teen events!



I love this blog post! And such a small world, I used to have biology classes with Sam!

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