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Make a Video from a Basic PowerPoint Presentation

Submitted by Ila Langner on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 10:00 PM
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How do I create an instructional video with screenshots, screenshot videos, and or embedded video without having to learn and invest in a new editing app?  This was the problem I faced recently when I was trying to find a quick and easy way to make an instructional video, that required screenshots and an embedded video.  Did you know that you can make a video from a PowerPoint presentation?  This is a program that most everyone knows how to use and it has the tools that will enable conversion from presentation to video format!  Unfortunately, I was unable to find instructions about how to do the conversion online, so I created this easy to follow blog.

Make a Basic Presentation

  • Determine what screenshots you need to include.
  • Create an introduction and conclusion slide like you usually do.
  • Insert your instructional slides.
  • Write a script to read over the screenshots.
  • Go to the Insert menu and scroll over to the right-hand side to find tools like:  audio, video, and screen recording.  You can add these add-ins on different slides.
  • Record your voice-overs and embed your videos or screen recording to your slides.
  • Test the audio and videos to ensure that they are complete.

Make the Video

  • Go to the File menu and scroll down to “Export”.
  • Click on Create A Video.
  • Save the Video.
  • Once you save, you will note a progress screen at the bottom of the page.  Don't "x" out, or you will have to restart!

Upload the Video

Once the video is saved, you can burn it to a disc or you can upload the video to a video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo.  Please note that when you are making the video and uploading the video, your video may take a while to process.  For example, if your completed video is about 15 to 20 minutes, it can take about an hour to process.  Find something else to do while you wait.

Here is a sample video of a PowerPoint presentation I converted to video format:

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Submitted by Jo-Ann Wang on Fri, 05/15/2020 - 8:36 AM


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Thanks Ila for a very timely video on how to convert a powerpoint to a vide. Interesting

Submitted by Lucia Farnham-Hudson on Fri, 05/29/2020 - 5:53 PM


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I'd only recently found out that powerpoint could be used to make videos, so this was a very useful demonstration of the techniques needed to create an informative video. Thank you!

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