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All library buildings remain closed. Visit an outdoor Express Pickup location when your holds are ready - appointments are available but not required. Your Library Card is Your Key to Learning New Skills

Submitted by Traci Engel on Sun, 04/12/2020 - 8:00 AM
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Are you one of many San Jose residents whose place of employment is currently closed? Why not use the opportunity to learn new skills either for your own enrichment or something that can help you with your future career goals?

Access to Online Learning

Fortunately, your San Jose Public Library card gives you access to which is "a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals" according to the company website. These courses are up to date and are taught by experts in their fields. After finishing a course, the instructors offer ways to contact them with questions or concerns. Best of all, users receive a certificate of completion free of charge that they can print or post to their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. 

Adult Resources

For post-college and career-minded adults, online learning provides access to new skills without having to sacrifice time to commute to a school according to CareerStep. Recent evidence suggests some adults are turning to massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other online learning formats to fulfill their learning needs, especially during this shelter-in-place time per ABC (channel 5) in Cleveland

Student Resources

Many students will need to finish their classes online during while their campus is on hiatus. "One positive outcome of the current crisis would be for academic elites to forgo their presumption that online learning is a second- or third-rate substitute for in-person delivery... Online delivery should be valued in its own right - a worthy learning format with its own distinctive assets - and given the investment it deserves" quoted from the New York Times.

High school and college students can also benefit from Courses like speed reading, Microsoft Office Word, learning algebra, writing, also test prep that includes PSAT, SAT, ACT, can help with high school. College students can take advantage of test prep for GRE, GMAT, time management, improving memory, and computer programming. Needless to say, provides a cornucopia of learning possibilities.


In this post, I will provide pictures to help library cardholders locate on the website and what users can expect once logged into 

This image is a screenshot of the San Jose Public Library home page. I have included arrows to the tab and link that users will need to access
Image of the home page


In our site menu, go to "Books & eLibrary" then "Online Learning".

This image shows a cropped screenshot of the Online Learning page on
Screenshot of the Online Learning page on


Select on the Online Learning page. The following page will ask users to put in their library card number and PIN. Users will click on the "Log in" blue button to access the site.

This image shows a screenshot of the drop-down menu for's Library.
Image of the Library options for


Users can find courses two ways: by clicking on the Library button next to the logo which allows users to browse through the options or by typing in a keyword into the search bar at the top of the page. This site teaches career-building skills so options typically include business applications, learning software, and programming languages. However, also offers photography, multimedia, and writing courses.

This screenshot of an example of courses offered on with notes of functions.
Screenshot of a list of courses with an example of how the course appears when the user hovers the mouse over the course entry

STEP 4:'s opening page shows a list of popular courses. At the bottom of the page, users can click on a "Show More" tab to see more choices further down the list. This allows the user to browse the course selections and may be helpful for someone exploring the site for the first time. When the user moves the mouse pointer into the field with the course description, the thumbnail photo will show two options: "Preview" or "Watch Now". Users can choose "Preview" to see a short video clip describing the course content without committing to finishing it. On the right side of the course entry, the user can click on the plus sign which will save the course for later viewing. This feature is very handy because has a multitude of courses and the keywords to find a particular course may not be intuitive.

This screenshot shows the end of the course screen with the earned certificate.
Screenshot of the certificate that will appear at the end of the course

Obtain a Certificate

Once a user has reached the end of the the course sections, a certificate will appear as shown to the left. Go back to the screenshot of the Library - the black bar across the top of the screen will have the user's name and a drop down arrow. By clicking on the drop down arrow, an option menu will appear with one of the options being "Certificates". Users can view the earned certificates by clicking on this option. After each certificate, users have the option to print or share to a site of choice.

The image to the left shows a few extra features that users will find helpful with their course. One tab, "Transcript", shows the written version of the lecture helpful to English learners or if the user would like to read-along with the instructor's lecture. The second tab, "Exercise Files", will provide users with any materials that the instructor has included - these could be exercises, vocabulary, or program coding used in the course that can assist with following the lectures.


Final Words is a reputable resource for acquiring new knowledge and building on skills as mentioned in the beginning of this blog. The certificates earned from this site are recognized at many organizations and in many industries. San Jose Public Library cardholders can access all of these courses without any additional fees. Why not take advantage of your membership privileges and learn something new?


Don't have a library card yet?

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Submitted by Ginny Marley on Mon, 04/13/2020 - 8:02 AM


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This looks like a wonderful explanation of Lynda.Com. I've known about this website for years and used it a few times. I just spent quite a few minutes looking at different way to get to the Lynda.Com website from SJPL homepage. I find all of them tedious. What can you recommend as the quickest way to get there?

Thank you,
Ginny Marley
40 year patron of SJPL/Calabazas

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Thank you for reading my blog. I will add a green link button into the blog. It will appear below the blog text. I hope this will help.
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