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Link+ Picks: Klaus

Sword in hand, Santa Claus stands ready for battle.
Klaus approaches from the icy northern wastes.

Occasionally you might find yourself looking for a book so niche that it can only be borrowed via Link+. Know that if obscure titles like these can’t be found in our extensive collection, we can track it down via our Link+ or interlibrary loan service (aka "ILLiad"), and get your oddity delivered to you. Movies and music CDs are also available via this service. On the rare occasion that we don’t carry what you’re looking for, our eBook and interlibrary services can nearly guarantee you free access to whatever media you want. Here are a couple of Link+ picks just in time for holiday reading.

Grant Morrison’s real life experiences into the esoteric have informed his comic book superhero stories, reimagining Superman as a benevolent sun god and inspiring the classic Xorn story arc in New-Xmen. While his original works aren’t as accessible to younger comic book readers, his personal interests shaped what is essentially his own original superhero: Santa Claus.


Grant Morrison's Holiday Hero

Klaus: How Santa Claus Began, book cover

Klaus: How Santa Claus Began Grant Morrison and Dan Mora

Klaus is to Santa as Batman: Year One is to Bruce Wayne: A younger nomadic Klaus arrives in the town he grew up in, Grimsvig, to trade furs and wares. He finds that the town’s lord has his soldiers stealing the local children's toys, beating them if they resist, as part of an effort to drain all the joy from the town’s conscripted residents. Unable to take the injustice, Klaus punishes the abusive soldiers before he’s driven out of town. In the wilderness, inferring the real-life Siberian shamanic origins of the Santa legend, he retreats to his hut with his loyal wolf and carves toys in music-induced spiritual reverie. So begins his nightly excursions to secretly deliver toys to the town’s children, before the frustrated lord summons the demonic Krampus to finally stop Klaus’s efforts in restoring Yuletide joy to Grimsvig.

Klaus: The New Adventures of Santa Claus, book cover

Klaus: The New Adventures of Santa Claus Grant Morrison and Dan Mora

Santa’s superhero adventures don’t end with his origin story. Grant Morrison’s annual tradition of returning to the character have him helping an estranged father transformed into a snowman, battling an ice queen with an army of wooden robots, and stopping the machinations of an evil soda corporation that wishes to monetize Christmas itself using an evil Santa doppleganger!

Klaus is the holiday hero you never knew you wanted, and like everything else offered by SJPL, these stories are available for free via the Link+ system.

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