Life Skills Academy: Your First College Class

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Your First College Class

SJSU Students Brenden Ramirez and Jacob Fraker reflect back on their college experiences and give you a firsthand account of what college is like. Then, watch SJSU Digital Arts Instructor James Morgan talk about the expectations, challenges, and advantages of college classes and the college experience.

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  • Surviving College
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  • Shmoop's College 101
    While some of the information is behind the paywall. This site has one of the most accessible guides to finding more information about college and what it's like.

Professor's Commandments

  • Study what you want and love. Your dream job may be created by the time you graduate.
  • Get to know your professors; it's harder to fail someone you know personally.
  • Choose the best classes and experience by talking to the students in your field. Campus clubs are a great way to meet these students.
  • The University is invested in your success. There are many resources available if you need help.

Tips & Tricks

  • Know your schedule ahead of time. Practice the route so you don't get lost.
  • Don't be overwhelmed! Everyone's in the same position.
  • You can take notes with a computer, but beware the temptation of Facebook. Pen and paper work too.
  • There are often no potty breaks or attendance requirements. Come and go as you like, but remember that you'll need the lectures to graduate.

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