Learning Circles

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What is a Learning Circle?

Learning Circles are lightly-facilitated study groups for learners who want to take online courses together, in-person. It’s like a book group for learning! People attending Learning Circles gather at the library for 90 minutes, once a week, for six weeks to take an online course together.

Each Learning Circle has a facilitator. He or she is not a content expert, but is trained to support learners who want to work through online courses together. During the Learning Circle, participants will review class materials, complete an activity, and work through the online course.

Why Learning Circles?

Learning as an adult can be hard. It takes time and the right resources to be successful. We may want to learn how to write a resume or code a website. Or maybe we want to learn how to cook a healthy meal or develop new parenting skills. How do we learn these things? Online courses can offer a path to learning these skills. There are thousands of classes available online, for free, on nearly every topic.

However, in order to succeed in an online course you have to know how to use the internet and have a lot of discipline. Most people never finish the online course they’ve started. Learning Circles give learners a safe place to follow through and complete that online class. By joining a Learning Circle at your library, you can gain the confidence and motivation to learn new life skills.

How Do I Get Started?

Throughout the next year you will see Learning Circles starting at libraries across San José. New Learning Circles will be posted to this page as they are planned. Learners will sign up for the Learning Circle through the link provided in the event listing or by contacting the branch that is hosting. Basic computer skills are needed (such as how to use a mouse and keyboard), but learners don’t have to be computer experts to participate! When possible, the library will provide a laptop or tablet for the learner to use during the Learning Circle.

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