Learn With Me: Early Literacy S & T

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Learn With Me: Early Literacy from A to Z

Early literacy is more than just reading, talking and singing with your child. What you say and share has just as much impact as how it's delivered.

Whether its through books, conversations or jokes, a shared and diverse mix of activities and interactions with young children can shape the way they see, interpret and understand the world around them.

Each month, we'll journey through the alphabet, discovering different ways of creating memories and moments to share with the children in your life.

S is for ... SCIENCE!

Turning everyday experiences into scientific investigations is a great way to help build your child’s curiosity, vocabulary, observation and self-regulation skills.

Asking questions about what children see, how they think something works, or testing out theories about different games are easy ways to bring science into your daily routine, whether at home or on the go.

Early Learning & Science

Science at Home

  • Bathtub Science: Gather a collection of water-safe toys. Ask your child to guess which ones will sink and which ones float to the top? Test out your guesses and talk about the results.
  • Kitchen Science: Show your child an ice cube and a cup of water. How are they the same? How are they different? Let the ice cub melt in a cup, and observe the changes. What happens when you add salt to the ice cube?

Science on the Go

  • Science at the grocery store: Look for patterns and name different categories at the store. How are fruits different from vegetables? How are apples different from oranges? Talk about the 5 senses and how we use them to help us choose what to eat to stay healthy and grow.
  • Science at the park: Listen to different noises at the park and guess who or what is making that noise. Compare the leaves from two different trees. How are they the same? How are they different?

T is for ... Travel!

We travel every single day. Whether its by foot, by car or by bus, there are lots of opportunities to teach your child about the way the world moves around them.

On the Go Activities

  • Point out the similarities and differences between cars, trucks, vans and buses when walking down the street.
  • Point out planes in the sky. Where are they going? What is an airport?
  • Point out street signs, traffic lights and crosswalks to promote street safety. What is a stop sign? What does Yield mean?
  • Play a round of Red Light—Green Light at the park. Give different movement instructions for green light (run, jump, talk, spin). Green light = Go, Yellow light = Slow down, Red light = Stop
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