Learn With Me: Early Literacy Q & R (Quiet Time & Rhyming)

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Learn With Me: Early Literacy from A to Z

Early literacy is more than just reading, talking and singing with your child. What you say and share has just as much impact as how it's delivered.

Whether its through books, conversations or jokes, a shared and diverse mix of activities and interactions with young children can shape the way they see, interpret and understand the world around them.

Each month, we'll journey through the alphabet, discovering different ways of creating memories and moments to share with the children in your life.

Q is for ... Quiet Time

Quiet and children don’t always go together, but sometimes, enjoying quiet time in or out of the house can be the best thing to cure boredom, spark creativity and build confidence and mindfulness.

Quiet time begins by turning off all media and electronic devices, and enjoying moments of silence throughout the day. It can be in the car on the way to the store, it can be at a park, listening to the birds chirping from the trees.

The Value of Quiet Time

A child’s life can be busy with different activities, playdates and other daily errands. Sometimes, children just need a few moments of quiet throughout the day to recharge their brains and bodies. In these moments of quiet, children are better able to sit, rest, explore their world and be a part of their world. What can you and your child do with quiet time?

Indoor Quiet Time

Quiet time doesn’t have to last long. Start small (5 minutes) of no outside noise. No TV or music. Just the quiet of the house. Allow your child to explore their toys and books, and watch their creativity develop as they figure out new ways to play.

Outdoor Quiet Time

Find a space away from busy streets. Sit in the backyard, on the balcony or at a park. Listen to the animals around you and try to match the noise to the animal. Watch the clouds drift by and try to guess its shape. Children can develop their focus and attention skills by becoming more in-tune with the nature around them.

Books to Share

Quiet time is a great way to bring in some quiet reading time. Look through the pictures, or use this time to snuggle up a good book.

R is for ... Rhyming!

Through nursery songs or made up poems, rhymes are a great way to support your child’s early literacy development. Singing songs, nursery rhymes or little chants can all help children develop their listening skills and concentration skills. Through repeated experiences with books, songs and stories with rhymes, children will have the chance to:

  • Listen for a rhythm and pattern in speech
  • Learn whole songs & rhymes, and be able to repeat them.
  • Complete a rhyming sentence by predicting the missing word in a phrase.
  • Make their own string of rhymes (using real words or made up words).

Books to Share

Most children's book have set to a rhyming pattern. Pick and choose your favorites to share with your child.

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