Kids Gone Vegan: a Mom's Survival Guide

forks over knivesKids. One day they only want to eat mac-n-cheese. The next: on the way to school one morning your teen casually announces she's gone vegan.

All thanks to this documentary: Forks Over Knives

Has a documentary or book ever changed your life? This one did for her (us).

And of course, younger brother--never one to be left out of anything--had to go along with it, so now he’s vegan too.

Contrary to what some other parents told me, this wasn't a phase that would “just pass.”

“So…vegan huh?" One befuddled Mom friend asks me one day. “But they can still eat eggs and cheese though. Right?” When I answer in the negative, she flashes me a sympathetic smile, pats me gently on the back and says: “good luck with that.”

I’ll admit it, at first it was tough to get used to the idea. It was hard enough to think of what to put on the table each evening without any dietary restrictions.

But, as I quickly learned, Veganism isn’t all that bad. In fact, some of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten happen to be vegan.

vegan burger

Like this vegan burger from VeganBurg that my daughter and I tried in the city a few months back.

While I haven’t completely gone vegan like my kids, I eat meat way less these days. Apparently I'm not alone; more and more people are incorporating a plant-based diet into their lives.

Veganism isn't all that difficult either. These days there are a lot more food options out there. And luckily, San Jose Public Library has a slew of special diet cookbooks (both in print and e-books).

vegan food for the rest of usHere is what saved me: Vegan Food for the Rest of Us

The author, a vegetarian, who is frank with her struggle in trying to convert to veganism, offers some simplistic vegan recipes. 

The waffles recipe from the cookbook is pretty amazing; they're our go-to in the morning. (Also a good stand-by if you are craving waffles, yet there's no eggs in the fridge.)

vegan waffles

Many times a vegan diet is the default in our household. Just makes things easier!

Vegan Cookbooks - New Releases

If you are vegan or just curious, check it out!

the plant pure kitchenveganomiconvegano italiano

Vegan E-books - Through Overdrive

gluten-free veganvegan on the cheapthe book of veganish



Good book choices and glad you have adapted.

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