International Space Apps Challenge

International Space Apps Challenge

Do you love space? Want to contribute to exploration and create relevant open-source solutions that “address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space”? If you answered yes, then NASA has the perfect event for you. On April 11-12, 2015, NASA is hosting its fourth International Space Apps Challenge. Last year over 8,000 people participated in 95 cities around the world.

Participants will be challenged to build software, open hardware, data visualization, and citizen science platform solutions following four themes: Earth, Outer Space, Humans, and Robotics. The challenge is open to anyone; engineers, scientists, artists, educators, students, entrepreneurs, etc. The only real criteria for participation is the motivation to change the world and a desire to collaborate with other passionate people!

There are several ways to participate in the Bay Area. San Francisco’s Constant Contact is hosting Space Apps hackers from 9:00 am, Saturday April 11 to 5:00 pm, Sunday April 12. If you prefer to travel to the East Bay, head over to Sudo Room where Geeks Without Bounds is hosting hackers. They’ll start things off on Friday evening and end on Sunday evening. Those of you who don’t want to leave the comfort of their own home are also welcome to participate in the virtual challenge.

For more information and to register visit the International Space Apps Challenge website. Happy hacking and don’t forget to come back here and share what your team created!

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