Immigration News: How to Renew Your US Green Card

There are a number of steps to take if your 10-year green card has expired or will expire within six months. Follow these steps if you want to renew your green card:

  1. File your paperwork at least six months before it expires
  2. Fill in out your I-90 form issued by USCIS (this can be done electronically or by mail)
  3. Send in your fee ($365 to file the I-90 plus $85 for fingerprinting, those who cannot afford the payment may be granted a waiver)
  4. Once you've sent in your application, follow these steps:
  5. Wait for a notification from USCIS stating that they received your paperwork
  6. Attend the appointment where you'll provide your fingerprint and have your photo taken
  7. Review the checklist sent by the U.S. Immigration Service and be prepared to attend an in-person interview

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