ICA x SJPL Artist Mix: Ebony G. Patterson Exhibit

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San José Public Library is collaborating with the Institute of Contemporary Art San José to produce the ICA x SJPL Artist Mix. This series of online programs features artists whose work is currently exhibited at the ICA San José as they discuss books, films, and music that have impacted their artistic practice, and which they recommend to SJPL members.

Ebony G. Patterson is the second artist featured in our program series. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Patterson is a painter and mixed-media artist. Her exhibit, entitled …when the cuts erupt…the garden rings…and the warning is a wailing…, is available for viewing at the ICA San José at 560 South First Street in San Jose through September 5, 2021 (appointments recommended). Open Friday through Sunday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM, the ICA San José always offers free admission! On its website, the gallery tells how the motif of the garden has informed the works featured in Patterson’s exhibit:

Detail of artwork by Ebony G. Patterson featured at the Institute of Contemporary Art San José
Ebony G. Patterson, …between the stems sits a red cap above and below crown imperials… (detail), 2019

“Patterson has long been fascinated by the garden and its metaphorical possibilities. The garden is a ‘postcolonial’ symbol in her work, where the invisible remnants of violent histories interrupt visible space. The garden offers many rich possibilities for interpretation – life and death, transplanting and notions of ‘native’ vs ‘foreign,’ beauty, danger, wealth, and sin. […] This exhibition will introduce the ICA San José audience to a range of Patterson’s work in a variety of medium, including cut paper, tapestry, mixed media, photocollage, and sculpture.”

Due to her busy schedule, the ICA San José won't be featuring an online talk with Patterson, but we encourage library members to explore and enjoy the following books she recommends to SJPL members:


  • Tales and Sketches by Nathaniel Hawthorne (Patterson recommends the short story "Rappaccini's Daughter")
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison



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