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How to Work from Home

Submitted by SJPL Works on Thu, 03/19/2020 - 9:00 AM
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To help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) many of us are now working from home. For some, this is a new experience and can affect their work, so it is important to establish some healthy habits so that you are able work effectively.

Here are some healthy habits for you to do while you work from home: 

Maintain Your Routine

It is important to stick to your routine in order to create a sense of normalcy. Think of it as just like any other day and that you are just going to work. Get up at your usual time and, depending on the activity, do the activities that you would normally do before work. Dress like you are going to work as well. You don't have to change into a full dress or suit and tie, but changing your outfit can help get you into "work mode" and create a balance between work and home.

Have a Separate Workspace

Having a separate workspace helps to create some boundaries between your work life and home life. A designated workspace can get you into "work mode" and down to business; therefore, the bed or couch isn't an ideal space as they are usually a space for relaxation. You will be spending a majority of your day working in this workspace, so make sure you have everything needed to help you focus and be comfortable. Since there are many things that can distract you at home, from family members, housemates, TV, and video games, try and make your workspace a distraction-free space as well. 

Create Goals

Working from home means you are in charge of managing yourself. Set daily and weekly goals of what work needs to be done. Use a planner or whiteboard to help organize and prioritize your work by what needs to be completed first. Be sure to review your goals often in order to keep track of your tasks and projects. Reviewing your goals is also a great way to evaluate your work in order to either adjust your goals or set new ones. Lastly, don't forgot to reward yourself for completing your goals. Little rewards provide great encouragement and motivation.

Take Breaks and Move Around

Just like at the office, remember to take breaks throughout the day. Whether you go make yourself coffee, grab a snack, play with your kids, or watch TV, make the effort to leave your workspace and computer. Take some stretch breaks as well, sitting down all day at the desk isn't good for your body, so be sure to get up to walk around a bit and stretch your back, neck, and shoulders. Stepping away from the computer will let your eyes rest as well since you've probably been staring at the bright screen all day. Also, sometimes you can end up feeling stumped during the work day. Move to a different spot to help clear your head, provide new perspective, and reinvigorate yourself.

While there is currently a "shelter in place" order in San Jose, you can still go outside for a walk or to exercise for a bit as long as you practice social distancing and stay 6ft away from others.

Stay Connected 

Given the current situation we are facing, it is more important than ever to stay connected.Thanks to technology we have various means to communicate with each other through email, phone, and video conference. Keep your supervisor updated on your work and check-in with your team to make sure tasks and projects are being met. Staying connected with everyone can help with keeping team spirit up, especially now. Be sure to also just check-in with your colleagues to make sure they're doing okay. 

End the Work Day

Working from home makes it seem like you always have to be connected and working when it shouldn't be. You want to have a good work-life balance so that they don't overlap each other as it can be very stressful and affect your mental health. As part of your routine, set a schedule so that you end everyday at the same time as much as possible. Just like at work, once the clock hits 6 pm, turn off your computer, clean up your workspace, and stop working.


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