At Home Lymphatic Massage (body & face)

Gua Sha and cyrstals

If you have been wondering about an at home lymphatic massage; here is how to successfully do so. I am not a trained professional, but have researched thoroughly. I have found many websites/books for information on lymphatic massage. I began by doing some research, so I would be sure to properly give myself a lymphatic massage. Here is some information I have learned.

Lymphatic flow drainage diagram
Follow the flow

Make sure you use a tool. Either a Gua Sha, dry brush (body brush), or a lymphatic specific tool. Make sure to put light pressure as you massage. The massage should not hurt while performing on yourself. You might experience some pink to slight redness. This will go away after a few minutes. Make sure you are using a body oil/moisturizer of your choice. The correct oil/moisturizer will allow your tool to glide on your body. I use cold pressed organic raw virgin coconut oil since it has good slippage. I have used other oils as long as they allow the tool to glide effortlessly as you massage yourself. Other oils I have used are jojoba oil and body serum/oil specific products. Do not let oils or serums deter you, they are not the cause for breakouts. Please see diagram for reference, holding a Gua Sha tool and preforming lymphatic massage.

*Tip: Use a form of moisturizer/body oil that will not dry too fast. You will not successfully give yourself a lymphatic massage, if you are pulling the skin instead of gliding over. Use wooden Gua Sha tools or Gua Sha that have sharp clean edges. These Gua Sha tools work best for lymphatic body massage. The Gua Sha tool should be held 15-45 degree, while performing a lymphatic massage.


Perform a lymphatic massage on your face with a Gua Sha or Ayurvedic tool. A facial roller will not work for a lymphatic massage. A facial roller doesn't allow angles or different pressure to successfully perform a lymphatic massage. A facial roller is only pressing in the product and your hands can do the same. Similar steps for a body lymphatic massage, use either a moisturizer or oil/serum. Be sure to use moisturizer/serum/oil of your choice. This will allow enough glide to allow you to perform a facial massage. You can layer products/treatments and gently massage each product in. After you finished with the massage, spray whichever toner/facial mist to set your product(s) on your face.

*Tip: Be sure that the product (oil/ serum or moisturizer) has enough glide, you do not want to pull on the skin. Gem/crystal stone (quartz, jade, other stones) work best for facial lymphatic massage. See pictured Gua Sha tools for reference. The Gua Sha tool should be held 15-45 degree, while performing a lymphatic massage.

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