Help Students Achieve Success as a Homework Club Volunteer

Help Studens Reach Academic Success at the Library - colorful school supplies atop a chalkboard

Homework Clubs at the Library

Did you know that not all children in San José have a safe, quiet place to complete their homework after school?

At San José Public Library Homework Clubs, students in grades K-8 have access to desks, school supplies, and academic resources they may not have have at home.

What Homework Club Volunteers Do

As a Homework Club Volunteer, you can foster understanding and encourage academic engagement for students.

Here is what you will do:

  • Coach students in groups of 1 to 4
  • Guide students to Library resources they can use to complete their homework
  • Assist with enrichment activities for students that complete their homework

Here are some additional details:

  • No subject matter expertise required
  • Training provided
  • Must be age 15 or older
  • Adults (18+) will need to submit a fingerprint background check before volunteering

How to Become a Homework Club Volunteer

You can become a homework club volunteer in three easy steps.

Step 1: Complete a Homework Club Volunteer Application

  • Homework Coaches assist students with their homework in a variety of subjects one-on-one or in small groups
  • Homework Club Supervisors lead the other volunteers at the Homework Club in addition to coaching students

Step 2: Complete Homework Club Training

Step 3: Get Started at Your Branch

  • Receive a New Volunteer Orientation from a Library staff member at your branch

How to Get More Information

Visit the opportunity listing for more information and available locations.


When is the upcoming online training ?

Hi Tami, the online training is now available and can be accessed through this link. I also added the link to the blog above.

I would like to participate in this program. Please let me know how I should proceed.

Hi Brenda, you can view the opportunity listings here by clicking on the link in the blog post. Once you've found the opportunity at the branch most convenient for you, you can click on it and then click the pink "fill in an application" button on the right to apply.

Hi, is there an age requirement to volunteer for this?

Hi Jennifer, the minimum age to be a homework club volunteer is 15. I'll add that to the original post as well.

Hi, I filled out an application for Santa Teresa Branch Library, but I don't know how to proceed from there. I need to get trained first, and then schedule when to volunteer right? Could you please tell me how I'm supposed to do that? Thank you.

Hi Jinwoo/Lucy, Thank you so much for your application, I can see that you completed it on October 23rd. That means that a staff member from Santa Teresa will follow up with you shortly with your next steps after reviewing your application. In the meantime you can follow the link in the original blog above to take the online Homework Club Volunteer Training.

Hi, I've completed my application and online training. When can I receive a New Volunteer Orientation from a Library staff member at Santa Teresa? When can I visit? Also, could you please tell me how to sign up when to volunteer after?

Hi Jinwoo/Lucy, Thank you so much for completing the training. A staff member at Santa Teresa is reviewing your application and will follow up with you shortly with your next steps.

Hi, I just submitted application for homework club and have not done any training. I tried online training but not able to proceed. I already signed up 12/7 and 1/7 for west valley branch and can not remove myself from signup. I dont know West Valley Library will allow me to help since I have not gone through whole process yet. Please remove me from signup if I am not qualified to do it yet. Thanks. I hope you review my application and let me know what to do next. I like to help kids on Math. Thanks. Jung

Hi Jung, Thank you for letting us know, a staff person at West Valley Branch will review your application and get back to you. As for the online training, can you describe the issue that you ran into? I want to make sure that people are able to complete the training. Thanks again!

The original post says that the minimum age is 15. However, the MyVolunteerPage page for the library where I live says that it is 13. Which one should I follow? Thanks.

Hi Gavin, Thank you for noticing that error. the minimum age to be a Homework Club volunteer is 15 years. If you are younger than 15, another opportunity that might interest you is Virtual Volunteering with SJ Engage

hey, how many hours would i have to put in?

Hi John, The hours vary for each club depending on how many days that they are held. At a minimum, you should be ready to commit to about 2 hours a week for 6 months. Is there a particular Library location that you are interested in?

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