Have Yourself a Superhero Summer

San Jose Public Library - Summer Reading Challenge - Reading by Design

San Jose Public Library's Summer Reading Challenge is in full swing and will continue through July 31!

To celebrate, I will be covering some upcoming and recent superhero movies and events, along with some super reads you can check out during the challenge!

Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians of the galaxy movie poster

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was released earlier this summer, if you haven't joined the party yet, what are you waiting for?! The reviews for it are great, and my friends and I loved this movie as well. We couldn't stop laughing and I almost fell out of my seat. While this movie is both visually stunning and action packed, it also has a heartwarming message at it's core. And like all Marvel movies, make sure you stay during the credits for a some extra scenes, GotG2 has FIVE of these so make sure you stay put! Overall, I gave this movie a 4.5 out of 5.

score 4.5 out of 5 angry raccoons

Don't forget to watch the original Guardians of the Galaxy and jam out to the wonderful Awesome Mix Vol. 1 soundtrack. You can also check out the Guardians of the Galaxy Collection by Abnett & Lanning, which is the comic run that heavily inspired the Guardians movies we have today! Looking for something cute for the kids? Night Night, Groot is an adorable picture book, perfect for bedtime.

guardians of the galaxy coverguardians of the galaxy awesome mix vol 1cover of guradians of the galaxy collection vol 1cover of night night grootcover of guardians of the galaxy cosmic team up

Additionally, Disneyland's California Adventure also unveiled their new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, Mission: BREAKOUT this summer. This ride is also said to be the start of a Marvel themed land within California Adventure that will grow over the next few years.

Wonder Woman

wonder woman movie poster

"If you need to stop an asteroid, you get Superman. If you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But if you need to end a war, you get Wonder Woman." -Gail Simone

The highly anticipated Wonder Woman feature film came out earlier this month, and it is by far the best reviewed film of the DC Extended Universe movies, receiving praise from over 90% of critics. I was there opening weekend, and Great Hera, I was a big fan! Gal Gadot was perfect as Wonder Woman. This movie was a great origin story, full of curiosity, courage, and fighting for what you believe in. I may have also cried during an action scene, if you've already seen the film, you know the one. Overall, I gave Wonder Woman 4.5 out of 5!

4.5 out of 5 magic lassos

Directed by Patty Jenkins, this movie and it's success is also very significant because women account for only 4% of directors and 11% of writers in the top 100 grossing films. With Wonder Woman still crushing the box office, one can hope major films studios will give more female directors opportunities.

wonder woman book display

Addie's Wonder Woman book display at the Biblioteca Latinoamericana Branch Library!

You can also check out more Wonder Woman in our collection, and some of these amazing reads below! Learn more about the history and significance of Wonder Woman, some unique takes on her origin story, and the different Amazonians who have donned the Wonder Woman mantle. For some fun shows and movies, check out the original Wonder Woman television series with Lynda Carter, which launched the super heroine icon and is great for all ages. The 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie showcases the talents and abilities of the Amazon princess and is best for teens and adults.

cover of wonder woman new 52 vol 1cover of wonder woman odysseycover of who is wonder woman?cover of the secret history of wonder womancover of wonder woman seriescover of wonder woman at super hero highcover of wonder womancover of 2009 wonder woman movie

Spider-man Homecoming

spiderman homecoming poster

The new Spider-man reboot officially swings into theaters this Friday, July 7th! Reviews are coming in, with a strong 90% on RottenTomatoes. As a preview, you can check out Tom Holland, the new friendly neighborhood, Spider-man in Captain America: Civil War. Watch him play with Avengers action figures. You can also watch his amazing Lip Sync Battle, which instantly gave Tom Holland my stamp of approval as the new Spider-man.

Don't forget to check out some fun Spider-man reads below!

cover of marvel adventures spiderman cover of miles morales spider-mancover of spider-man/deadpoolcover of superior spidermancover of the new avengerscover of marvel's civil war

The LEGO Batman Movie

lego batman movie banner

Yes, The LEGO Batman Movie came out last February, BUT it was just released on DVD! Meaning you can soon watch one of the best Batman films from the comfort of your own home (and as often as you want). This movie is perfect for everyone, the jokes are funny for both children and adults and every type of Batman fan can appreciate this movie whether you're a casual fan or you've been reading his comics for decades. Hilarious, heartfelt, and a pure joy to watch; I gave The LEGO Batman Movie a 5 out of 5.

5 Lego Batman figures

You can check out The LEGO Batman Movie soon, and meanwhile you can watch Lego Batman's debut in The LEGO Movie  or any other LEGO Batman materials. If you're interested in seeing how this movie was brought to life, check out The LEGO Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie.

cover of lego batman movie cover of the making of the moviecover of the movie guidecover of the lego movie


Graphic Novel Making Contest

graphic novel making contest logo

Do you enjoy comics? Do you enjoy drawing or creating your own stories? Then consider entering San José Public Library’s Graphic Novel Making Contest!

The contest is open to all ages, and you have a chance to win some great prizes including gift cards and artist supplies! All participants are invited to the award ceremony, and this year we will be having an award winning graphic novel writer speak at the ceremony!

image of previous graphic novel making contest winners


Silicon Valley Comic Con

Last spring, San Jose hosted Silicon Valley Comic Con! Here are some of my highlights from this year's con!

Guest Spotlight: The Mythbusters

Adam Savage, Tory Bellechi and Kari Byron of the mythbusters

Adam Savage, Kari Byron, and Tori Bellechi from fan favorite Mythbusters were special guests this year at SVCC.

Some noteable quotes from Adam:

  • "Science is storytelling to figure out the shape of the world." He also talked about the wonder that is Neil deGrasse Tyson as a science communicator.
  • "Never before did I think a president would use my tagline, 'I reject your reality and substitute my own' as their political platform." Checkout out our blog series, Sources Unknown to find reliable information online and in the media.
  • "Duct tape is never the right solution, but it shows what you can do with how little you have." Challenge accepted! Check out what you CAN make with duct tape.
  • "I've never regretted time spent building something, even if it didn't work out. It's working for bad people that's tiring." Find your satisfying career with What Color is Your Parachute and other career resources. 

Adam even spent some time on the convention floor as Totoro and Chewbacca.

adam savage as totoro and chewbaca

One of the biggest takeaways from their talks was the importance of STEAM activities. When I asked Tory Bellechi what he recommended for kids interested in sciences, he enthusiastically said, "Just start building! Tinker away, take things apart, figure out how they work, feed that curitosity." Additionally, Adam stressed the importance of maker spaces, and how all children should have access to places they can build.

And SJPL feels the same way! We want our patrons to take advantage of our STEAM programming and maker spaces. You can always check out SJPL's upcoming STEAM programming at sjpl.org/steamstacks. Maybe our Maker[Space]Ship is landing at a location near you? Teens can also take advantage of our Teen HQ Makerspace to get started on their first or next build!

Jessica with Tory

Also, Tory's favorite book as a kid was Danny and the Dinosaur. Adam currently enjoys reading the works of Michael Chabon.

cover of danny and the dinosaurcover of moonglowcover of aweome mancover of maps and legends

Geek Fashion Show

New fashion trends and designs influenced by comics and geek culture. Below are some of the fun clothing items featured this year!

fashion show lineup

San Jose Public Library at SVCC!

San Jose Public Library took part in the con too! Many of you stopped by to enjoy our activities, over 5,000 visitors in fact! SJPL offered a comic photo booth, a create and destroy cardboard city, button making, 3D printing and more!

families taking pictures at sjpl's photo booth

children building with boxes at SJPL's create and destory

Check out the rest of our photo booth and activities on our Flickr page!

More Coverage

Don't forget to check out Fangirls Unleashed comic-con experience! They covered Grant Gustin (The Flash) and Tom Felton's (Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter) magical appearance, The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun, a dog cosplay contest in the park, and more!

You Made It to the End (Longest Post Ever)!

Any upcoming cool comic related events you'd like to share? What comics are you reading this summer? What was your favorite superhero movie this summer?


Lynda Carter was on battle of the network stars.She's still hot today.Linda Gray--amazingly even older than Carter--is her only rival for women from the past TV shows who are still hot.God please let both be on the Battle of the Network stars reboot.

Great read

I love how the fashion show is so creative!

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