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Graphic Novel Making Contest: Writer's Block?

The logo for the Graphic Novel Making Contest, including the contest name with a pencil illustration on the right.

Got Writer's Block?

There is just under a month left of the Graphic Novel Making Contest. We have already received some great submissions! Do you want to be among them? 

Creating an original story is hard! (How do those authors that fill the library do it?) Since we have asked you to create one with the Graphic Novel Making Contest, we wanted to give you some help. Below are some simple lists of things you can write and illustrate a story about. Just pick one item from each list and see where your imagination takes you!

  • The Theme: this could be the start of what happens to your people, animals, and things.
  • The Who’s & The What’s: People, animals and things to put in your story.
  • The Doing: What these people, animals, and things are doing in the Theme.

The Theme

  • Your First (______)
  • The Hero Foretold by the Prophecy
  • Embarrassing Yourself in Front of Your Loved One(s)
  • Making Sacrifices for Friendship
  • Save the World
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Crime
  • Disasters or Apocalypses
  • Travel to Foreign Countries
  • Ghost Stories

The Who's

  • Childhood Friends
  • Wizards/Witches
  • Robots
  • Aliens
  • Mad Scientists
  • Doctors/Nurses
  • Cats/Dogs
  • Fantasy Monsters/Dragons
  • Zombies
  • Exotic Animals

The What's

  • Toys
  • Plants
  • Vehicles (cars, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.)
  • Food
  • Music
  • UFOs
  • Technology (Cellphones, Computers, etc.)

The Doing

  • Superhuman Skill at Ordinary Things
  • Desire for Truth
  • Desire for Justice
  • Desire for Immortality
  • Sports: pick a sport!
  • Weird Gestures, Poses, or Contortions
  • Cooking
  • Computer Programming
  • Fortune-Telling
  • Sleeping or Being Lazy
  • Collecting or Hoarding

Bonus Suggestions

Now that we’ve got you thinking, try and add one of these suggestions to make your story more interesting:

  • A fake product placement
  • A surprise ending
  • Sound Effects
  • Incorporate a joke
  • Go silent (no words, no sounds)
  • Invent words

Additional Support

If you still need help, check out these resources to help you develop your story.

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