Girls Who Code and Treehouse

More than 75% of girls show interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers; however, as of today, only about 0.3% of girls are pursuing a career in computer science. Without the necessary opportunities to be educated in such a heavily male-dominated field, girls are less likely to pursue career in STEM fields. However, Girls Who Code is an organization aiming to give these girls the opportunities to part of this amazing field and pursue careers in technology and engineering. Through the programs Girls Who Code offers, teens are learning: web design, using JavaScript, utilizing robotics, and are gaining experience for real world careers.

The San Jose Public Library is also "giving students the chance to learn valuable technology skills that can make dreams come true." By partnering with Treehouse, an online program is available where people can learn to create their own website and apps! Individuals will have access to videos to teach them valuable computing skills such as: CSS, PHP, Java, and much, much more. And all you need is your library card! This free program is available whenever you are ready and is accessible from any device.

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