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Like many others in the Bay Area, I have a lengthy commute every day. When I get tired of listening to top forty radio, the news on NPR, or whatever CDs I have lying around my car I love listening to audiobooks. SJPL has a great collection of audiobooks for you to enjoy. Below are some humorous choices for your drive home.

David Sedaris AudiobookWhen You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris

David Sedaris, an NPR favorite, is consistently hilarious. In this audio version of his sixth collection of essays he reflects on, among other things, language barriers, his relationship with his partner Hugh, and trying to quit smoking. One listen to a Sedaris book and I am sure that you will understand why he is so popular. If you haven’t listened to one of his books before I suggest that you pick one up for your drive home.

Dad is Fat by Jim GaffiganJim Gaffigan Audiobook

Jim Gaffigan is probably most famous for his comedy sketch about the unpleasantness that comes with eating a Hot Pocket. In his first book of essays, he reflects on being a father of five in a two bedroom New York apartment and his own childhood. The book title comes from the first sentence his eldest son ever wrote on a whiteboard. If you enjoy sarcastic self-deprecating humor, you might want to give Gaffigan a try.

Sarah Vowell AudiobookThe Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell

Sarah Vowell is a nerd. Not just a nerd but a nerd obsessed with American history, and these are not bad traits. In this collection of essays she ponders, why she is obsessed with visiting America’s gory past including Salem and Gettysburg? What should an ex-president include to make a truly great library? And what exactly is wrong about having a lunchroom in the middle of the Carlsbad Caverns? These and other thoughts compose the mind of a funny and true, albeit partly cloudy, patriot.

Bossypants by Tina FeyTina Fey Audiobook

In this book of essays, Tina Fey recounts how she went from being a nerdy and awkward child to one of the leading women in television. She reflects on being a woman in comedy and the problems it entails with humor and grace. She also takes ownership of the word bossy, not as a derogatory statement but one of power. For fans of 30Rock it is sure to be a fun listen.

Stephen Colbert AudiobookAmerica Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't by Stephen Colbert

This book just won the 2014 Grammy for best spoken word album. In this sequel to I Am America: And So Can You, Stephen Colbert serves up his signature style. From healthcare to economics Stephen Colbert is here to help America reclaim its greatness. A shorter audiobook, that is sure to have you chuckling in your car.

Want more audiobooks recommended just for you? Check out 5forU, a service for readers.

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