Fangirls Unleashed: Year 2 at Fanimecon 2017

From meeting movie-quality cosplayers to rocking out at MusicFest, Fanimecon 2017 was better than ever.

Alyssa and Addie at Fanime

Welcome to another Fangirls Unleashed series, where we once again attended Fanimecon for the second year in a row.  Fanime is Northern California’s largest anime convention and is held in our beloved downtown San Jose during Memorial Day weekend.  Couldn't make it? No problem! Below we’ve got the Top 5 Highlights of Fanime to beat those FOMO (fear of missing out) blues.

1. Artist Alley

Addie and Alyssa at Artist Alley

Artwork is a huge component of Fanime, and everywhere you look, there were loads of people carrying bags of artwork of their favorite animes. Some of the more popular ones that we have seen were Pokemon and Seven Deadly Sins.  Since there are extremely strict rules when it comes to video and photography in Artist Alley, here is a photo of Addie and Alyssa showcasing the Artist Alley sign in all their geeky glory while being photographed by Eduardo.

2. MusicFest

X4 boy band

With the price of your admission ticket, it includes the chance to attend the amazing concert known as MusicFest, located right across the street at the Civic Auditorium.  Usually the musical guests come all the way from Japan. This year’s guests includes San Francisco native J-Rock band Phoenix Ash, and all the way from Japan, X4, the R&B boy band of your dreams.  Phoenix Ash music will have you head-banging along with their music, giving your neck a great workout at the same time.  Alyssa’s favorite was X4, and she was definitely screaming and dancing along with the crowd.  X4’s vocals were perfection, working in perfect harmony and even signing a capella at one point.  Their choreography rivals that of the boy bands of the 90s, giving it all they’ve got during their two-hour performance.  Once again, Fanime had strict rules when it comes to recording and taking photos of the concert, but Alyssa was able to get in line to meet X4 and have them sign her Fanime brochure beforehand!

3. Dealer's Hall

Dealer's Hall

Dealer’s Hall is your one-stop shop if you’re looking to leave Fanime with a souvenir.  There are over one hundred vendors selling everything from Gundam Models to a plushie of your favorite Pokemon.  We tried very hard not to buy all the Sailor Moon figurines we came across, since we both have no rooms in our respective houses because of all the funkos and young adult books we have. #Adulting


4. Panels

Addie at a panel

If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of, its panels at Fanime.  The large amount of panels they have is not only located at the San Jose Convention Center, but at nearby Marriot and Fairmont Hotels.  Think of it as having your own small-scale version of Disneyland, Fanime-style.  We attended everything from a Sailor Moon Panel for Female Fans to how to film your own mini-movie.

5. Cosplayers

Cosplayers at Fanime

If you can’t tell, we love a good cosplay, with Alyssa fully embracing the lifestyle that you can see in our previous blogs.  Out of all the conventions that we have attended over the years, Fanime comes out on top with cosplays so good, you’ll swear it just came off a set of a movie.  About one in every three people were dressed in cosplay, so you bet we put our cameras to good use.  We saw everything from various D.Va  from the game Overwatch to unique takes on Pokemon from Charizard to Houndoom.  We’re still addicted to playing Pokemon Go, so naturally Alyssa cosplayed as a Pokeball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball the entire weekend.  We guarantee you’ll be fangirling over your favorite characters at Fanime.


That concludes our Top 5 Highlights from Fanimecon 2017. As you can tell from our faces, we definitely enjoyed this con.  If you attended, comment below your favorite parts. We took a ton of pictures from Fanime that simply would not fit in this blog post, so if you head on over to our Facebook page down below, you’ll see even more of what Fanime has to offer.  Follow us on our social media accounts down below to see our next convention adventure and #WhatsNewAtTheLibrary for the newest Young Adult books that are trending.  Until next time, happy readings!

Fun Fact

What goes hand in hand with Fanime and San Jose Public Library? A Graphic Novel Making Contest, of course! Summer is in full swing, which means along with our popular Summer Reading Challenge, we’ve also got the Graphic Novel Making Contest.  Head on over to the page, where this contest is open to all ages, and you can create anything from a graphic novel to an anime. It’s in it’s 9th year, and boy do we have some exciting prizes to giveaway.  Did we also mention that graphic novelist Mariko Tamaki is the guest speaker this year for the awards ceremony? We are a fan of her’s and we’re beyond excited to meet her!

A HUGE thank you!

Our media team

This blog post was extra special, in that we had our team help us in so many ways that weekend.  A huge thank you to Eduardo, our Marketing Videographer who did everything from film us to helping with the microphones.  He also came up with the brilliant idea of having cosplayers pose with our awesome new library cards. Once again a big thank you to Alyssa’s boyfriend Chris, who helped to take behind the shots photos for our various social media platforms and for carrying equipment.  You guys were amazing!

Who are we?

Addie and Alyssa

Addie and Alyssa are the duo behind Fangirls Unleashed, San Jose Public Library workers and bloggers. Our mission is to show people what’s trending in the young adult and geeky world and how to explore those interest through San José Public Library. Follow us on social media to see #What'sNewAtTheLibrary and our latest convention adventure.

Fangirls Unleashed Social Media

This blog post has been a collaboration between Adilene Rogers and Alyssa Mendoza.


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