Fangirls Unleashed: Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

From admiring cosplayers to seeing San Jose Public Library thrive, we’ve got the top 5 highlights of Silicon Valley Comic Con for you!

Addie and Alyssa at SVCC

Fangirls Unleashed has recently survived and enjoyed the technological and entertainment filled Silicon Valley Comic Con version 2.017.  This year’s con was definitely bigger than last year’s, with over 65,000 attendees getting their geek on.  We’ve spent the entire weekend at the con and we’ve got the Top 5 highlights of this year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017.

1.Science, science and more science

Exploring the NASA booth

Do you love robots? Maybe exploring space is more your taste? If you love exploring all things science then SVCC had something for you! This year’s con focused heavily on the Silicon Valley’s love of science. You had the chance to interact with NASA and the SETI institute. The “Space Village” was a special area dedicated to all things out of this world! Kids could also join in the fun with a STEAM lab, Aeronautics and Robotics demos as well as getting the opportunity to explore vintage tech. There was also a science fair in the outdoor festival that featured science projects from Bay Area Kids. The con also took part in the March for Science which was held on Earth Day and coincided with several other rallies held in various parts of the country.

2. Outdoor festival

Doggy cosplay contest

This year’s con featured an outdoor festival that was free to the public. There was live music, vendors and an outdoor stage that featured great programs such as a martial arts demonstration and a dog cosplay contest! We loved the fact that this part of the con was free to the public and that there were several activities for the young and old. There was a great Virtual Reality experience and SJPL’s own Maker[Space]ship was there for people to explore! Our favorite part of the outdoor festival was the doggie cosplay which featured various dogs and their humans in awesome geeky fashion.

3. Special Guests

Panels with Steven Yeun. Tom Felton, and Grant Gustin

Whether you’re a fan of The Flash, The Walking Dead or even Harry Potter, SVCC had some amazing guests that you were sure to fangirl over. We had the chance to see a few panels with some great guests such as the Steven Yuen who is best known for his portrayal of Glenn Rhee on AMC’s The Walking Dead. There were guests from all the corners of the geeky universe from the science and tech fields, artists, cosplayers and even robots!

4. Cosplayers

Cosplayers at SVCC.

The cosplay this year at SVCC was insanely good.  Our very own Alyssa cosplayed as Silk after stumbling upon the graphic novels in the Teen Room of her local San Jose Public Library Branch.  We caught up with KaytlinCosplay who we met last year, who came with her friend dressed as characters from the TV show The 100.  Then we met the talented cosplayers that are Sparkle.stache and NikkiParadee who came as Spider Gwens and correctly yelled “Silk” when they saw Alyssa.  As you can see, we saw everyone from Velma, Marty McFly, Spiderman, our fellow SJPL Blogger Jessica as Bombshell Batgirl and the list goes on!

5. San Jose Public Library Booth

San Jose Public Library Booth

We couldn’t talk about SVCC without mentioning the awesome set up our own beloved SJPL had this year! There were stations galore and plenty of activities for patrons of all ages. You could sign up for a library card, build and destroy your cardboard creation and make yourself some cool comic inspired buttons. Our favorite part was the comic book photo booth (which our own fangirl, Alyssa, created).  The backdrop featured various comic book art panels and several cosplayers came throughout the day to take pictures with families. The best part about the con for us was when a family stopped Addie and told her that they really appreciated the SJPL Promo Code, for it enabled them to attend the con.  Did we mention the entire family was in cosplay? Yay for library card holders!

That wraps up this year’s experience at Silicon Valley Comic Con version 2.017.  What was your favorite part of SVCC? Whether it was using the San Jose Public Library discount code that enabled you to attend the con to interacting with cosplayers, comment below your favorite part of SVCC. To see SVCC through our eyes, check out the video below, created by our Marketing Team. Stay tune for our next blog post where we traveled to Santa Monica, CA to attend the young adult book lover’s dream, YallWest Book Festival.  Until next time, happy readings!



A HUGE Thank You!

A thank you.

A person that we would like to thank is Alyssa’s boyfriend Chris.  Sometimes we may need an extra hand at Cons, and Chris has gone above and beyond in helping us out this year.  He has helped us in many ways from carrying Addie’s camera equipment, helping us hand out our business cards to people, posing us for photos, writing an Instagram post that Alyssa dictates, the list goes on.  Thank you for all your help this year!

Fun Fact

Alyssa was originally a Biology major, and she geeked out over the realistic model of DNA at the NASA booth that you can see in the photo above.  Imagine her excitement when she stumbled upon Medline Plus! Medline Plus is an online resource that the San Jose Public Library has that explores all things health related, from cancers to eczema, which Alyssa suffers from.  From the home page of, click on the Learn tab near the top.  From there click on eLearning and Articles.  Next you would click on the Choose a Subject Category and scroll down to the Health and Wellness category.  From there you would click on Medline Plus, the third option down below.  After that, you’re done! All you have to do is explore the website to your heart’s content.

Who are we?

Addie and Alyssa

Addie and Alyssa are the duo behind Fangirls Unleashed, San Jose Public Library workers and bloggers. We explore everything that is young adult, geeky and trending. Our mission is to show people that working at the library is pretty awesome, and we do everything in the name of San José Public Library. Follow us on social media to see #What'sNewAtTheLibrary and our latest convention adventure.

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This blog post has been a collaboration between Adilene Rogers and Alyssa Mendoza.


I had a great time this year and last year at this event! I loved all the costumes and the artwork especially. Thanks for another great post, fangirls!

Hi Monique! Thank you so much, I hope you enjoyed yourself this year. Hopefully we'll see you next year at SVCC!

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