Fangirls Unleashed: Our Top 5 Lip Tricks

Lips were one of the biggest trending beauty features of 2016 that continues today, and we’ve got some tips and tricks to put your best pout forward.

Alyssa and Addie holding lipsticks.

Beauty junkies rejoice! Lips are our favorite part of our face to make up, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re going to show you our tried and true tips with items you might already have in your arsenal.

1. Primer

Addie wearing lip primer.

Lipstick always bleeding onto your chin, or end up on your teeth? Fear not, for those days, are over.  All you have to do before applying your lipstick is lining and filling in your lips with a primer to ensure your lipstick doesn’t budge throughout the day.

2. Concealer

Alyssa using conealer to fix lipstick smears.

If you’re a fan of red lips, we can definitely relate to those times where the red hue decides to make you look like the Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight.  If you accidentally smudge your crimson lips, have no fear! Put a tiny bit of concealer on a small brush and use it to “erase” any imperfections for a crisp red lip. Sounds familiar? Then you may have read this tip in Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.

3. Highlight

Alyssa using highlight on her lips.

To add a subtle highlight to your lips, all you have to do is add a touch of a shimmery highlighter to the top of your lips, aka the Cupids bow, to draw attention to them without making it obvious.

4. Enlarge

Alyssa showing how to make your lips larger.

If you’re obsessed with social media like us, then you know that Kylie Jenner’s lips were the biggest trending beauty feature last year.  Instead of painful and pricey lip injections, we’ve got a few tricks to make your pout look bigger, pain-free! The trick is to not over line your lips, which can make them seem overdrawn and fake.  Our trick is to use your pinky finger to gently press above your lip to raise it slightly, exposing your natural lip line to the fullest extent.  From there, take a lip liner in a shade that is similar to your lips, and line to the very edge of the line.  Then fill in your lips while leaving the center open to create a more luscious lower lip and apply your lipstick. To add extra dimension take your ring finger, press it into your highlighter and dab it on your lower lip.  The shimmery finishes reflects light off of your lip, giving the illusion of a bigger pout.  Want to go bigger? Take a bronzer or a contour shade on a fluffy eye shadow brush, and lightly dust it under your lower lip.  It creates a shadow that mimics the Angelina Jolie Pout by making your lower lip seem bigger than it really is.

5. Minimize

Alyssa showing how to minimize your lips.

If you’ve been blessed with a large pout, congratulations, we’re officially jealous! For times when you want your other features to shine, take a bit of concealer on a sponge, and lightly dab it on your lips until they are fully covered.  From there, take a neutral color lip liner, and line just the inside of your natural lip line.  Finish in a dark shade since dark colors makes objects appear smaller (like your favorite Little Black Dress), and you’ve just learned how to minimize your pout for any occasion.

We hope we’ve given you some tips for your upcoming Valentine's Day date.  If you try any of these tips, use the hashtag #sjplfangirls since we’ll love to see your recreations.  Have a tip you’ve learned that isn’t on this list? Share it below in the comments section.  Until next time, kisses fellow lip junkies!


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This blog has been a collaboration between Adilene Rogers and Alyssa Mendoza.

Alyssa and Addie reading.

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I have a hard time getting lipstick to stay on all night when I work at my night job, I will definitely try the primer idea!

Hope the primer trick helps! It's Addie's secret to making her lipstick last all day.

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