Fangirls Unleashed: Heroes and Villians FanFest 2017

From creative cosplays to family friendly activities, HVFF is great for all ages!

Addie & Alyssa at Heroes and Villians FanFest

Welcome to another episode of Fangirls Unleashed, where we attended Heroes and Villians Fanfest (HVFF) for the second year in a row!

HVFF celebrates the stars from the big screen to the small, with stars from hit TV shows and movies such as Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Guardians of the Galaxy. This is definitely one of the more intimate cons that we have been to in terms of size, which means that we can take our time exploring the convention and not rushing from panel to panel on opposite sides of the building.  Read on to discover the Top 5 Highlights of HVFF 2017!

1. Family Friendly

Kids jumping

Out of all the cons that we have attended in the Bay Area, HVFF is perfect for those with families with small children.  There were several kid-friendly activities that the whole family can enjoy, such as channeling your inner Green Arrow by shooting arrows at a target to jumping as high as you can with the help of a harness. Did we also mention that most of the kids that we saw there were in cosplay too? We love it when little ones are in cosplay!

2. Celebrities

Celebrities at HVFF

HVFF has the most number of celebrities out of any conventions that we have been to, with over 20 in attendance.  There was everyone from Arrow’s Stephen Amell to Guardians of the Galaxy’s Sean Gunn.  What is so great about HVFF is that each celebrity really takes their time with their fans, shaking their hands and having a conversation with them, which makes it so much better.  For example, Instead of making his fans wait in a line to meet him, David Ramsay had them all make a circle so that he can interact and give each person a hug. There’s a personal level here that is not seen anywhere else.

3. Panels

One of the biggest difference that we noticed this year in comparison to last year’s HVFF was that the panels were held in separate rooms from the main convention area.  This definitely freed up a lot of space in the main room and enabled attendees to roam around without accidentally bumping into anyone.  Plus, the panel rooms were close by and each panel had adequate time in between each one so that one would not feel as if they were rushing. The Legends of Tomorrow panel was extremely entertaining and we found out that if they were not acting, Brandon Routh would be a writer since he majored in English and Caity Lotz would be an astronaut.

4. Tattoo Area
Tattoo Area

The most unique aspect of this con was that there was a tattoo area for fans to get a tattoo of their favorite superhero/villain! We definitely saw some people getting tattooed, with several different tattoo shops in attendance. It was definitely like watching a live version of Ink Masters.

5. Cosplayers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: HVFF has the most unique cosplays of any cons we have ever been to.  We saw Robin and the Red Hood as they were portrayed in the game Injustice, Diggle as Arrow, and many more.  The attention to detail that each cosplayer has put into their work is so stunning, they looked as if they just stepped off the set of the latest superhero movie.

That concludes our Top 5 Highlights of HVFF! If you attended, what was your favorite part of HVFF? The next convention that we’ll be attending is the highly popular Silicon Valley Comic Con, which we’ve been going since the very beginning. If you need more Fangirls in your life, check out our Social Media accounts where we highlight What’s New at the Library in the Young Adult Fiction world. Until next time, happy readings!

Fun Fact

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Addie and Alyssa taking pictures

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