eSpotlight - The Wright Brothers

Wright Brothers First Flight at Kitty Hawk

December 17 is the anniversary of the Wright Brothers famous 1903 flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; the first controlled & sustained flight of a heavier-than-air craft. Learn more about Wilbur & Orville and other aviation pioneers using our many eBooks and eResources.

The Wright Brothers

Wilbur and Orville started out in the bicycle repair and sales business where they gained the mechanical skills that later helped them with their interest in flight. Read more about them and their famous first flight:

The Wright Brothers by David McCulloughThe Bishop's Boys: A Life of Wilbur and Orville WrightTo Conquer the Air by James TobinThe Wright Stuff: The Life of Orville and Wilbur WrightHow We Invented the Airplane by Orville WrightThe Wright Company by Edward J. Roach

We even have eBooks for younger readers looking to learn more:

Who Were the Wright Brothers?The Wright Brothers by Susan E. HamenThe Wright Brothers: Amazing Inventors & InnovatorsThe Wright Brothers for Kids: How They Invented the Airplane

Other Early Aviation Pioneers

Check out a book or biography of just a few of the many other inventors, pilots, and pioneers of aviation or read about the history and science of aviation at Science in Context.

Women AviatorsGlenn Curtiss: Aviation PioneerThe Fun of It by Amelia EarhartFlying Free: America's First Black AviatorsThe Rocket Man and Other Extraordinary Characters in the History of Flight by David Darling

You can find these eResources and more on our eBooks & eMedia page and our eLearning page.


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