eSpotlight - Winter Knits

Tortoiseshell cat lounges near knitting basket with yarn and blanket

Winter is Coming!

Time to knit! Those of us who knit usually do it year-round; but when the weather gets cold, and days get short, it's especially inviting to get a project started. Whether you're a seasoned knitter, or you're beginning your first project, we have something for you.

For Beginners

How to Knit: Learn the Basic Stitches and TechniquesYou Can Knit!How to Knit Socks: Three Methods Made Easy

For Fans

Highland Knits Knitwear Inspired by the Outlander SeriesThe Best of Jane Austen Knits: 27 Regency-inspired DesignsKnitting Wizardry

For Fun

Knit & Purl Pets: 20 Patters for Little Pets with Bit PersonalitiesReally Wild Tea CosiesKnitted Cakes

For Reference

Circular Knitting Workshop: Essential Techniques to MasterCast On, Bind OffThe Knowledgeable Knitter

For Magazine Fans

Interweave Knits

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