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Photo of a grassy hillside with many orange poppies and purple wildflowers - blue sky is in the background

"Do you suppose she's a wildflower?" - Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Showers and Flowers

With the abundant precipitation California has had this winter, many areas across the state are experiencing an even more brilliant spring wildflower bloom than usual. I've had several calls at my library branch from patrons wanting to know where they can go locally to see wildflowers. I've recommended Henry W. Coe State Park in Morgan Hill and Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve in Redwood City. Both areas have several hiking trails which feature a beautiful variety of wildflowers. Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve is conducting a series of guided Wildflower Walks through early June. The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Trust Authority has other suggestions for local wildflower viewing and a downloadable guidebook.

San José Public Library's Discover and Go program has discount tickets to the Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery and the University of California Botanical Gardens at Berkeley currently featuring spring blooms.

Become a Backyard Botanist

As you enjoy the sights and scents of the wildflowers, you may want to identify them. These eBooks can be downloaded to your mobile device providing a portable resource for flower information and identification.

Book cover - Image of red poppy, red mushroom and flowering cactus. Text reads, California Wildflowers - A Beginner's Field Guide to the State's Most Common FlowersBook cover - Picture of a field of orange poppies and purple thistles. Text reads, Wildflowers of California - A Month-by-Month Guide by Laird R. BlackwellBook cover - Image of purple flowers with mountains in the background. Text reads, Wildflowers of the High Sierras and John Muir Trail by Elizabeth WenkBook cover with images of three different flowers across the top. A variety of tulips are on the main part of the cover. Text reads, Field Book of Western Wildflowers - The Ultimate guide to Flowers Growing West of the Rocky Mountains by Margaret Armstrong and JJ ThornberBook cover with drawings of birds and flowers. Text reads, How to Keep a Naturalist's Notebook by Susan Leigh Tomlinson

Floral Inspiration

Throughout history, flowers have inspired art, poetry and thought. Give that blooming artist or philosopher within a boost with these eResources.

Book cover with images of various flowers. Text reads, Flowerpaedia - 1000 Flowers and Their Meainings by Cheralyn DarceyBook cover with silhouette of two people looking at a sunset. Image of a bicycle tread goes across the page. Text reads, Wild Rides and Wildflowers - Philosophy and Botany with Bikes by Scott Abbott and Sam RushforthBook cover with an oval image of author and images of sunflowers and orchids. Text reads, Flowers A to Z with Donna Dewberry - More Than 50 Beautiful Blooms You Can PaintBook cover with faded image of white and purple flowers. Text reads, The Secrets of Wildflowers - A Delightful Feast of Little-Known Facts, Folklore and History by Jack Sanders

Wildflowers at Home

Wildflowers in your garden or flower boxes are not only attractive, they support pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Here are some eResources to guide you in creating your own wildflower garden.

Book cover with four images - a flower, a greenhouse with sunflowers, and two pictures of pink flowers. Text reads: Mini Meadows - Grow a Little patch of Colorful Flowers Anywhere Around Your Yard by Mike LizotteBook cover with image of flowers in a field on a foggy day. Text reads, Sowing Beauty - Designing Flowering Meadows from Seed by James HitchmoughBook cover with images of painted flowers. Text Reads, Roses Love Garlic - Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flowers by Louise RiotteBook cover with images of various flowers. Text reads, The Flower Gardener's Bible - A Complete Guide to Colorful Blooms All Year Long by Lewis and Nancy Hill

With an SJPL Library Card, you have access to these eResources and many others to get you to where the wildflowers are.

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